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Aug 24, 2007
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Does anybody else like these?

Usually the only time i thought you could get these was when you were at the fair, basketball/baseball game, etc.. but now Kemps came out with IttiBitz that taste just like Dippin' Dots!.

They sell these 5 fl. oz containers for only $.99!


$.99? Sheesh, at our mall they sell them for $6! The small container is 6, crazy. Yes, they are yummy.

I love Dippin' Dots! My faves are the "Banana Split" and "Mint Chocolate"
For .99 I'd definitely try these, thanks!

these are my favvvv.whenever i go to the theme park i have bout 2 or 3.where can u buy these from?

Omg...i haven't had that in like 10 yrs! lol, and I remembered paying close to $5 for it which I thought they were a ripoff. It was cool and all, but not worth the price I paid for. I can't believe it's .99 cents now. I haven't seen 'em around my neighborhood tho but I'd definitely stock up on some. hehe

I've only had them twice, but I loved them! They were so fun. I especially liked the Mint Chocolate.

Mint Chocolate is one of the best ones and so is Neapolitan.

I don't remember Mc Donalds selling them though?!

i'm jealous we dont have so nice stuff here in germany i think my nieces would love this

I love them... Especially the ones they serve at our local amusement park, Kennywood..... And they have Dip-in-dot's vending machines in the malls

Man, I haven't had those in such a long time. You've inspired me to go and get some tomorrow, haha.

I haven't had those is so long! The first and last time I had those was like back when I was in middle school! Now I want to go out and find some!

Oh they look good! We dont have these in Canada! Anyone wanna swap for some Canadian Chocolate? lol

We don't have these at any of the malls that are really close by, but they do have them at a mall that is about 45 min. from me. They also had them at the mall in Chicago that we went to. I personally have never eaten them.


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