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Feb 28, 2007
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Just wondering. My friend let me drive her car home from the mall last night while she fed her newborn in the back and I know I left her keys on the table, but she cleaned up the table and kept calling me last night cause she couldn't find them it was after 10pm like 3 times! I know I didn't have the keys w/ me cause there wasn't anything really in my purse.

I answered everytime she called last night but I'm kind of tired about talking about keys so I ignored her calls right now.

Sometimes I don't answer cause I know she talks for hours and always decides to call @ like 11:30pm. People are asleep!

Why must people be annoying, lol?

Why do you dodge calls?

I answer all calls now, especially those late at night. Okay, some calls I don't answer... Like when I KNOW it's my MIL with an inane question. But a late night call out of nowhere, I will ALWAYS answer due to an issue that happened back in 2002 with a dear friend who is no longer with us.

I'm sorry

I dont always answer when my parents call from the cottage.....cuz they talk forever just to drive me crazy!

Always, unless I cant find it, lol, but you never know what is happening, and I am a go to gal around here so if someone calls me, I answer,

Well i do screen calls at times. I am also notorious for not answering the phone.... mainly because i leave it and never have it on me when i am at homw.... its alwasys in the other room andi dont hear it, it seems. But i am not a phone talker anyways... i just want to say what i got to say and thats it.

I don't answer during class, but I will send a quick text to who ever called saying that I'm in class at the moment and I'll call back.

Sometimes I dont have my phone on me and/or its on vibrate and I don't hear it, so those are no by default.

Also, I'm not very talkative. For most people I'll answer and chat for a bit, but for others, I won't bother.

I hate answering unknown callers, but my house shows up as unknown, so I have to concider it before I answer. As for numbers I don't depends on my mood.

I dodge calls if I dont know who it is and call back if they leave a message and then if i dont want to talk with them I send them straight to voicemail and they get the hint

im better at answering my phone.

for a long long long time (a couple years long) i was known for never answering the phone. you would have had a better chance of getting a hold of me on msn then on my phone.

I stopped answering my house phone. Even if my parents are calling.

I look at the I.D. tag and go, "meh". Tell my sis to pick it up.

I answer all my cellphone calls but not when I'm not allowed too. Like in work... I'll let it go straight to voicemail.

I never talk on the phone just to chit-chat, so if someone is calling me, it's usually just to ask a quick question or let me know we're going out that night, so I don't mind picking up. I don't mind if someone calls late because I sleep around 2 or 3. The only time I don't pick up my phone is during a meal.

I don't like it when people pick up their phone during dinner. There was one time in the dining hall where I saw four friends having dinner and one girl was on her cell phone the entire time.

I also don't understand why some people put their cell phones on vibrate during the movies only to pick up their phone and whisper, "I'm at the movies." Why not just call them back later?

i try to cuz i give people my number that i obviously like talking to, but i'm just not a phone person at all. if it weren't for toby, i wouldn't even have a cell phone LOL

I don't own a cellphone. I figure, if you can't reach me at home, I probably don't want to talk to you anyway!

Originally Posted by Aprill849 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Always, unless I cant find it, lol, but you never know what is happening, and I am a go to gal around here so if someone calls me, I answer, Girl... You and that phone! I don't see why you can never find it LOL!
I do screen,if its family I answer hell I see them everyday.

I switch off my phone at night and I'm not allowed to have it with me in the lab. Most people know to text me and I'll phone them back when I can.