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Jan 4, 2007
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well I was thinking to myself that people seem to be getting ruder and ruder. Would you agree? take the following example/s:

before I went away on my uni trip this weekend, we had originally planned that everyone would stay at my house since it would take us less time to get to our first museum. A few days beforehand I emailed everyone at our university email as well as invited them officially on facebook, reminding them they'd asked me if they could stay, giving my address etc.

I checked at around 11pm the night before and no one had replied, so the following morning, my mother, bf and I vaccuumed, made up the sofa bed, got out towels, took an extra mattress from the roof and made it up with sheets as well.

Then I went online and they'd all replied (at lunchtime, so only 6 hours before they were expected!) to say they werent coming any more!

I felt that that was super rude!

then, before my friend's Alison's birthday party, we met up with our other friend for dinner a few days before hand and she offered us a lift from alison's house to the bar we were going to on the night of the party.

She suggested a time and everything. Well, my bf and I arrived a little late to alisons house and we rang our other friend to find out how close or far she was from the house.

She had decided not to come/forgotten and did not even bother to call or send a message!

I just could not believe the level of rudeness people seem to find normal these days. Seriously, where are people's manners?

have YOU had a similar experience? do you think people are becoming more and more rude?

I do think people have gotten ruder. I think its simply a case of people being more wrapped up in themselves and not caring about anybody else's needs or wants.

Overall, I don't think people are getting ruder. I think the age and maturity of the people might be something to consider.

Overall, yes I agree. People just make little or no effort to be polite anymore. The mentality that people have about not caring about others think has been abused and it's time that people do start caring.

I definitely think people have gotten ruder because I work at a library. sometimes patrons do not even bother handing me their cards. They just fling it. I told one patron about this and he suggested I fling their books at them.

i'm not sure what the reason is, but yes, we do seem to be ruder, less patient and less tolerant of views and opinions other than our own. it's actually a bit frightening to me. things can escalate very quickly in these types of situations.

I agree, people are definitely getting ruder. I work at a restaurant, and the customers are becoming more and more condescending and rude.

People are less patient, it seems like there isnt enough hours in the day and we have to rush alot.

Originally Posted by innesimages /img/forum/go_quote.gif Respect is whats missing - yeah thats true people dont consider other peoples feelings.
Oh, heck yes, people are getting ruder, no doubt about it. It's me, me, me, everywhere you go...

I think people have always been very rude, but lately I see a lot more rudeness from younger people.

definatley!!! even when i go to a store and am about to pay the salesperson has NO freakin' personality and doesnt even say thank you or anything, it's like who HIRES these people?!!!! if they dont fell like like working GO HOME or get a job where the public doesnt have to look at your dumb ass!!

i agree. one friend just phoned me once to tell me our previous fencing teacher was performing with his metal band somewhere in Paris. by the time i reach the closest underground station, she calls and tells me i can still go but she's going back home because she's tired.

i think here it's even worse because living in Paris, missing a bus or having to run to catch the underground give people more occasions to be ruder. i just think it's a matter of respecting the others.

i also see very aggressive younger people, with no manners at all. it scares me for the future.

Originally Posted by monniej /img/forum/go_quote.gif i'm not sure what the reason is, but yes, we do seem to be ruder, less patient and less tolerant of views and opinions other than our own. it's actually a bit frightening to me. things can escalate very quickly in these types of situations. I agree.
I've encountered it at all my jobs, at all my schools, with different ages (young and old) and at times you're taken aback by it and other times you're expecting it. I dish out what's given but for the most part I'm polite because that's how I was brought up and people start warming up to you.

Now, as for flaking - I just can't stand that whatsoever. My friends do it often and at first I'm butt hurt because I get so excited over something and I'll cancel other plans for them. They don't even call to cancel the plans, they just don't mention it at all. Argh. Annoying. So like, when those certain people want to go out and want to make plans again - usually I avoid it or not get caught up on it and make a backup plan just in case.

I notice different types of rudeness depending on where I am. In Minnesota, people were "nice" to your face, but rude behind your back. In SoCal, people are openly rude without care. Truth be told, I prefer the SoCal version of rudeness because I know exactly what I'm dealing with. It's the sneaky rude people that can be more dangerous actually.

You will be able to correlate one's rudeness with their sense of "entitlement". For example, a person who is always nice in person could be one of the rudest drivers you will ever meet on the road because they feel they are entitled to believe that where they are going is more important than keeping common road courtesy. A person who snaps at a waitress for screwing up the order feels entitled to believe that barking about how she screwed up is more important than sparing her feelings. It's all about entitlement.

i totally agree with you all! it makes me very angry! it's sounds hypritical of me but if someone is rude to me, i'm rude right back.

i think so.

cause honestly, i dont care who you are, your money status or anything like that.

if your a rude person i cant stand you.


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