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Mar 3, 2007
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I personally love Monster Chaos. It's the only one I can drink witout gagging. It has a nice mellow taste and it really gives me a pump.

What are your favorites and do you use them ?

I LOVE the low-carb Monsters! Hadn't heard of Montster Chaos, though- will have to check it out.

NAY for energy drinks. First of all I don't like the taste of them and I never feel they really boost my energy level. They work vice versa for me. I just feel nauseous and shaky afterwards. I guess it's cause I never drink coffee either so it's too much caffeine for me...

Nay..... I gave up cafine and really don't need the sugars or calories... Crystal Light to do.. Lemon.. And Diet Dr Pepper cafine free... And water... Boreing...... Lol

Oh I can't stand any of them! I really dislike the taste of high fructose corn syrup, which all sodas and energy drinks seem to have. I react badly to "diet" drinks because aspartame and similar fake sugars trigger migraines and anxiety. If I could find an energy drink with REAL sugar I'd be happy.

I used to love one from gnc that was a fruit punch flavor and then they made it "healthy" and replaced the sugar with splenda. I knew it within one sip. I used to like the mt dew one. Red bull is only good with vodka. One I tried at work, which I don't remember the name, had brominated vegatable oil. Can we say gross? I tipped it down the sink.

I usually just have a Dr.Pepper or French Vanilla cappuccino if i need caffeine.. lol

The only energy drink i've ever tried is Red Bull.. and i got a free redbull from one of the sales reps who came into the store yesterday.. lol so i'll be trying that again this afternoon..

I used to be addicted to Rockstars....they made my teeth hurt though!

Now occasionally I will drink a Tab Energy or a Sugar-Free Red Bull.

I'm addicted to Rockstars too


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