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Sep 27, 2003
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What is your favorite and the most affective deodorant? I like Lancome Bocage deodorant that you can't buy here at the US. Strawberrynet.com sells it sometimes. I just have my mom bring some over from Finland whenever she comes to visit.

I like Lady Mitchum clear gel deodorant- it's cheap and has the highest strength of aluminum legal to us mere consumers without a prescription and that makes it *super* effective. I think I only pay about $4 for it and it's never failed me. I've used Secret, Soft & Dri, Sure, Arrid and nothing has worked like this stuff does.
I loooooooooove Vichy roll on deo for sensetive skin..ufortunalty its always out of stock.. i've used alot of deo's .. but this is farest the best...

I like the new Secret Clinical stuff. It works and it smells soo good. My only complaint is that it DOES leave white marks on your clothes if you aren't careful!

I have been using the Lady Speedstick Teen Spirit Sweet Strawberry deodorant, but I went to the Dollar store today and picked up Secret's Vanilla sparkle. So far so good.

I use Secret...the clear gel one. But i heard that degree is really good, i think i'll give that a try next.

Ban Shower Fresh invisible solid...very happy with it & it has a great smell

I use nivea feather soft or something like that.. I've never found anything SUPER effective.


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