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Jan 4, 2007
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thinking about christmas made me think of all the other holidays in the year.. easter, halloween, christmas, birthdays, valentines day...

what is your absolute FAVOURITE holiday of the year? and why?

Mine would have to be christmas! especially because in australia, christmas is in summer, which is the longest holiday away from uni we get!

honestly there was nothing more exciting than christmas eve... my bf and I have a bit of a christmas tradition .. we watch the polar express when christmas comes around

Christmas without a doubt. I love the food smells & decor. Plus its extra special for us because my grandpap & his mom[my great grandma] were born on Christmas. So we remember them too. And my moms youngest god daughter was born on Christmas.

We decorate ALOT, mostly to remember my pap. because he loved and he always took me out looking at other peoples lights. We did that from the time I could walk until I was 14.

Prolly Halloween or Christmas.

Oh ya, I ordered "Polar Express" on HD-DVD this year from Amazon's HD-DVD department, we'll make it a tradition. What a wonderful movie.

Tony I love that movie. Well most Christmas movies. We start watching them after we eat Thanksgiving dinner lol.

I love Halloween. I love dressing up and decorating the house all "spooky".

It might not make sense to some, but I don't care for the religious background of Christmas but i do like it because i get to spend time with the family and exchange gifts. lol


you get to eat all the awsome food you want and then take naps/watch tv afterward!

oh yeah, we don't really 'do' the religious part of christmas, but my mum always puts a tiny little manger set out somewhere in the house, just as a reminder that even though we're not religious, we still respect what it's all about

Easy! Christmas!!! I love the decorations, the movies, the commercials!!! When Christmas comes around I'm like a 5-year old girl!! As soon as Thanksgiving is over I'm in the Christmas closet trying to figure out how to decorate this year!!!

Originally Posted by Tony(admin) /img/forum/go_quote.gif Prolly Halloween or Christmas.
Oh ya, I ordered "Polar Express" on HD-DVD this year from Amazon's HD-DVD department, we'll make it a tradition. What a wonderful movie.

I love that movie. I also ALWAYS watch the old ones like Rudolph and Santa Claus is coming to town. It's not Christmas without them.
I love Christmas but Halloween has to be a close 2nd.

as for Halloween I like going to Haunted Houses dressing up all that kind of stuff.

Christmas I get to be with Family , enjoy christmas music, and lets not forget the opening gifts part.

While I enjoy all the holidays, especially the ones where work is closed, I think I like 4th of July best. Long days, warm air, and no pressure! No house to clean, no meals to cook, nothing to shop for but hot dog buns and chips! Cook outs all weekend, pools to swim in. What's not to love?

in order.

halloween ( love the role playing

easter( i love easter baskets and dinner)

christmas( i love the decorations)

thanksgiveing( its my least fav cause im not into turkey

christmas is amazing. the atmosphere is electric and theres never anything like it.

wouldnt like to be somewhere hot for christmas though! its good old fashioned Scottish snow for me!

thanksgiving-yummy food and it starts the christmas shopping time which leads into more cmmission into my pocket

valintines day awww ima mush ball

easter-im totally into the baskets

everything else is all the same to me.christmas is everyone i hate in one room.halloween....when i was a kid it was wonderful the fourth is ok ehh

Christmas (I love having a Christmas tree and decorating the house for winter, my sisters and I all travel to see my parents, there's lots of delicious food, and there's tons of presents.)

Valentines Day (I always make a really big deal out of this holiday with a special dinner, presents, home-made cards. Besides, pink and red are my favorite colors and I love buying all of the cute candles and trinkets once they've gone on clearance.)

Halloween (Because I love dressing up in a costume and all of the best parties and events happen on Halloween.)

Easter (For me, this is one of the few holidays that has retained its religious importance. I always fast for a few months before and I love getting together with my family to celebrate the holiday. I also love making Easter baskets and Easter eggs for my niece and nephews.)

ooh that is so cute Rosie ! well, i'd usually watch Mary Poppins (always makes me laugh) and just about everything on tv.

christmas is my favorite holiday (but i think you already knew that Rosie !
). we're definitely not into religion, but it's just an occasion of being together.

when i think of all the shops opened, and with cute windows, great offers and such... i can't resist.

this year my parents would like us to go at their new house for christmas, so i hope we'll have some snow (little broootheeer? come here

oh and because i have been blessed with the gift of greed, think of all those delicious treats. i love candy canes and i'm just browing the internet to find traditional christmas recipes to try


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