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Oct 3, 2007
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This came out okay but not so flattering on me I don't think...but I still love the colors Ick, ignore my skin, it looks like crap in these a weird color or something lol

I used:

CG Trublend whipped Foundation in Ivory

L'Oreal Bare Naturale Finishing Powder

CG Blush trio in Refined Rose

L'Oreal Hip Black Cream Liner

MAC e/s Carbon

Ben Nye e/s Yellow Sun

Hot Topic eye pigment in Green

Leishi White Shimmer pigment

Ben Nye glitter in Silver

NYX lipgloss in Fabulous

and a light pink gloss in the center (don't know name)





Sorry the one pic is so huge, I kept resizing it on photobucket but it wasn't working on here

I went fairly simple today going to the mall and the movies.

I was blending my two different foundation colors since I'm in between shades now, so excuse my chin. Haha. Bought the green top at Forever21 - so showing off a bit.

CC welcomed.


[natural upper lip disappeared, haha]



After looking at some of the tuts, I decided to give it a whirl...

I don't like the heavy makeup at all and I prefer a lighter hand with makeup....all you see here is just the makeup and not me.

I only took a few because after seeing how the pics turned out..It wasn't to my didn't take anymore...but for what I have..I thought I would share....

Attachment 36785

Attachment 36786

Attachment 36784

Ohh..i'm suppose to list the products I used..right? goes

Face: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Fawn

Jane Iredale Powder

Lips: chanel multi purpose makeup palette

Eyes: HIP showy shadow

Dior Eyeshow in Beige (used as a base and highlighter)

Dior grey e/s (used toward the top of my lids to blend)

Chanel Mascara

Cheeks: Paula Dorf in Candy Apple

Just a quick add...I had people ask me if I use photoshop and thought I would say, No..I don't own photoshop let alone play with all pics are as is..

Thank you.

Celly, I heart you and your perfect white teeth. Please list what you used, you look beautiful in natural colors.

lummerz, you didn´t state that you used are your cheeks naturally that rosey? If so, beautiful!!!

oh wow love the boldness of thos colors and envy u u pull off ur looks so well!!!

celly u look fag as always!!!

jlowe.....i love the colours and it looks so bright...precious

celly i love it that its simple..looking good

jlowe - wow! I'm so jealous of your skills! Do you use special brushes? Any techniques for e/s application? I try, but it never looks the same.


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