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Nov 6, 2006
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I tried that fading look but i think i failed. just thought id post to get some cc on this. I think its cute but not what i was hoping for. except for the teal under my lash its something that was better in my head.




i was in a goofy mood lol




ugh i'm looking at these pics and now i see where i screwed up ew

hey you're up too lol

i posted a fotd but iono who made which one 1st

'cause when i made it there weren't any others

anywho i think you look nice

i remeber trying that look...don't have pics to show but yea

Lookin' good ladies.

This is a nice look for you Ash... a smile is the perfect accessory! Especially one as lovely as yours!

ahh you guys got to see the candid pics lol...i was so hyped up to take pictures i didn't get a chance to like properly fix the mu or brush my hair lol....i did fix that b4 i left the house though

Ashley n enyadoresme....u ladiez look stunning!!!!

Here's my FOTD ...I'm posting after a very long time

What I used:

Usual Mac Foundation n Concealor n Powder

Mac Goldmine e/s

Mac Phloof! e/s

Mac Teal Pigment

Mac Blacktrack Fluidline

Annabelle Blue eyeliner

Loreal Voluminous Mascara

Mac Desert Rose Powder Blush

Bonnebell - Soft Plum Lipliner

Mac Lip Varnish - Malto-Bene

I went to this sale and got many tops so I was trying them out!







Thanks for looking!!!

All so pretty!

makeupwhore54 your eyeshadow is blended so well!

zerin I love those colours together!

enyadoresme I love your hair colour! can't really see what colours you have on your eyes though I think the photos are too dark.

I wish I could post some, my stupid camera broke so I have to wait til I can afford a new one

Very pretty ladies.

Zerin, I just purchased Goldmine and Stormwatch. I will try your look today...he he

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks everyone.

enyadoresme i really like the lips.

Zerin I missed your fotds this one is stunning. I actaully have those shadows so im going to have to try this.

Nothing looked good on me today to I was playing around till I got tired of it and wiped all the e/s off and just added a dark lip color.

FACE: Artdeco MMU, Milani Luminous blush, MAC MSF Shimpagne

EYES: MAC e/s Shroom, IQ Eyeliner Pen black, MAC Zoomlash mascara

LIPS: MAC l/g Bow Belle (LE)


Lookin great as usual all of you.

Enyadoresme, sorry if I spelled that wrong. I would suggest putting the blush a bit higher on the cheeks rather than next to the mouth where you have it. Other than that it looks pretty, nice colors.


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