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Jun 11, 2005
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I was perusing the aisles of Target the other day when a new product caught my eye. It could have been the cute kitchsy packaging or the funny product names...but I decided to research a bit..

Soap and Glory is from the creators of Bliss products. This line was made specifically for Target. Following the trend of Designers making products for people on a budget...Soap and Glory will most certaintly be a big hit!! I wouldn't mind seeing a few other high-end cosmetic lines following suit.

Calm one-Calm All

This senses-soothing bubble bath, for example, contains built-in skin softeners for a squeaky clean, but still silky, you.
Price: $9.99

The Righteous ButterA silk shea butter body butter. $14.99


Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss Set. Contains Superfill Plumping Technology $24.99


The Scrub of your Life. Exfoliating Body Scrub containing rose oil to soften skin. Great for Dry Skin too. $14.99


Clean on Me Bodywash. Contains Mandarin Peel Extract. $9.99


Great Shakes Hand Lotion. $9.99


Glow Lotion. A Hydrating shimmer highlight cream that evens out skintone. $9.99


I saw a few items at my Target, but mostly it was sold out!!! Cute Huh?
Aww thanks for posting, I'm really interested. They better be good because they aren't that *cheap* for "drugstore"ish brands. I'd like to try the sexy motherpucker!

Saw these at Target the other day. I really want to try the body scrub. The shower gel seems interesting, but the fact that it says "clarifying" makes me think it will dry out my skin.
i saw this a few weeks ago and keept forgetting to mention it on here!

the stuff smells amazing!

Thanks Manders! I haven't noticed this line in the Targets around here. I'll have to look for it when I'm in there next time! They look very cute!

I saw this stuff the other day and almost bought some but was waiting for some reviews. It's really cute!

Aww I missed this when you posted it. I'm such a sucker for cute packaging. I think I'll stop at Target later and see if we have those here. I'm especially interested in the body scrub.

Now I love that vintage look! I would love to try the wash

Thanks for posting Benebaby

We've had these in the UK for about a year I think? Ive tried the lipgloss, the shower gel and a "Spa Body Polish" which comes in a pot and like all the products, so here are my amateur reviews lol.

-The shower gel doesn't make my skin dry, it's actually lovely and creamy. It smells gorgeous and you get a huge bottle (500ML) Even my BF loves that.

-The scrub (Flake Away) is really effective, I think it contains sugar and apricot stone? After using it, it leaves a slightly greasy feeling to skin, but leaves you feeling hydrated and goes when you dry your skin. This also comes in a big pot.

-The Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss gives a tingling cold-ish feeling, not burning like Too Faced which is the other lip plumper Ive tried. It plumps lips slightly. It's a bit sticky but does last ages. Smells yummy like chocolate

These aren't tested on animals and are the best bath products Ive used for the price
Hope this helps!

Mariam xx


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