Fyrinnae Rice Powder Primer - Review-ish

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Dec 28, 2006
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So I got this a couple days ago, and have been wearing it.


* I put it through the ultimate test: Jazz dance class. My make-up has NEVER looked that good after a class, usually I sweat it all off. It stayed.

* Day-to-day wear: My face does not look oily at ALL anymore. *cheers* This makes me really, really happy.

* Dare 2 Be wear: I had to *scrub* my face to get all my make-up off. I've never had to do that before. It definitely keeps the make-up on. ON on.

Just a quick little note to tell everyone that I'm in love <3 I have never used a primer before and I plan on ordering 2 or 3 just to have in stock for a long, long time.

You don't have to use much to put it on. Swirl, tap, buff it in. Put foundation over it. It's easy. It didn't make my skin white or anything, either-- but that might be because I'm so pale already!! LOL It was hard to tell if I got enough on or not, but you just have to kind of trust your make-up skills at that point.

It's a great product, and I DEFINITELY recommend.

Thanks for the review! I got a sample of it in my last order but I haven't used it yet.

I love rice powder! I use a cheap one I buy at Sally Beauty Supply. Cornstarch also works just as well.

I've never used the rice powder but thanks for the positive review

Rice powder as a primer???? That's a new concept for me.... Wonder how it works?

Thanks! I will def have to look into this. Does it work okay with tinted moisturizer?

Oh yall are killin' me. Everytime I think I'm done for a while you give something else I need to try. MUT'ers are making me go broke.

I'm having serious oil problems lately, maybe this might work for me. I was kinda iffy about rice powder, since cornstarch doesn't make my skin happy at all, LOL. Maybe I just have to try this, thanks for the review!

I didn't notice a color change on *MY* skin...but I also feel VERY obligated to remind MUTers that I am casper-the-ghost kind of white also.

I wore it again today for my makeup with my senior portraits and I was SO happy how it held up in the heat and sun, no oil, no nothing!!

anyone else use this daily? wanting to try this but I have been ordering SOOOO much stuff lately I hate to waste any more $$

Originally Posted by SewAmazing /img/forum/go_quote.gif I love rice powder! I use a cheap one I buy at Sally Beauty Supply. Cornstarch also works just as well. Hi,
I looked up the rice powder at Sally's online after I read your post. Do you use it as a primer or a finishing powder or both? Also, do you have oily skin? I have an oily T-zone that I need help with. I want to go buy it today after work. Thanks for any suggestions.


Yes, my skin is super oily. It is genetic, my mother has super oily skin and she is 84, but wrinkle free! So, basically I don't buy into the notion that something in a jar or in my diet will rid me of the oil. I could go through a pack of blotting sheets in a day (and they are expensive..), so I put on my oil free liquid makeup and with a soft fluffy brush apply cornstarch. I keep some in the car, so during the day I touch up my face to absorb those oily slicks. Best thing I have discovered. The oil gets absorbed right away. In the summer on days when I am not wearing makeup, I powder my face with cornstarch just to keep it from being shiny. Lovely thing...


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