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Jun 11, 2005
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I have serious girl crush on Kat...I think she is gorgeous and so unique. I recently watched her new show, not loving the show...but still loving her!! I really love her Rock meets Pinup Girl Style!

What do you think of Kat Von D?
Yea exactly thats her style and she does it good. I really like the stars around her eye. It looks good when she wears her make-up a certain way. Shes pretty. I like her, she does good tats. Havent seen her show yet tho. I liked her on Miami Ink.

i dont like her style, but i love her hair, her tats are a different story, if she is a rock star then its fine with me

I thought she was hot since the first time I saw her on Miami Ink - she's so unique, which can sometimes really backfire on women, but she just oozes sex appeal. And the tattoos, to me, just adds to it. I mean, come on, she's a tattoo artist!

her outfit and tats are FUGLY

the only reason why she can get away with it is because she has a gorgeous face and nice hair...any plain jane chick looking like that would look horrible.

*edit...i know you see those pants...they look like they have been chewed up and thrown in a dumpster after being rolled in mud...ugh

I like her... she's very cool! I never was for the whole body tattoo look, but it is her job... and like manders said she rocks it. certain people do, travis barker is another one imo. Hot!

I think she rocks those tats. She is so freakin hot though i've seen her in better outfits. dont like LA Ink???? Love that show

she's hot IMO. she pulls off those tats and she's just sexy and has her own style is she lez?