Going To Get My Hair Did Today...

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Nov 6, 2005
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1st Question: For my curly (tight curls) type hair - and me wanting sideswept bangs. Do I ask for a dry cut? If that is the term to use?

For the record, I always keep my hair styled, blow dried "straight", where I can comb through it easily.

I had asked for bangs from this lady and she wet my hair prior - and it got all curly. So she cut my hair curly. When I went to go blow dry it straight, my bangs where much more shorter and gross looking than I thought and uneven!

2nd Question: What is thinning of the hair? Should I suggest this at the ends of my hair since I have a lot of hair?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Booo...I have no idea haha and im hijacking your thread. Pics asap!!!!

People always be cutting my hair when its wet and curly and it's always hella uneven..NEVER again!! Im going for a trim soon and im definately straightening it prior.

LOL @ MindySue

CellyCell: yes, tell the stylist to blowdry & straighten your hair before cutting it, since you do always style it straight.

I'll post before/after pics, yeesh.

I should post one of me in an mess of curly afro hair too. Bah ha.

Better yet, I might just ask for this haircut:


lol @ the pic! i really can't help you too much here. if your bangs are already cut and you're not happy, you might just have to work with them until they grow some. maybe it would be helpful to take pictures of the type of style you want.

Originally Posted by kam_621 /img/forum/go_quote.gif lol @ the pic! i really can't help you too much here. if your bangs are already cut and you're not happy, you might just have to work with them until they grow some. maybe it would be helpful to take pictures of the type of style you want. They've grown out already. It was this past May when I got the horrible cut.Thanks for the suggestion.

Omph. Okay, so the hairstylist was like "honey, don't straighten your hair ever. No chemicals, no blow dryer, no nothing. Keep hair curly as long as possible. You have breakage building up. Its okay now until one day you mess it up big time and all of it will fall out."

Says everything I was doing to it was wrong. And I thought I was doing a decent job. Haha. I only ever relaxed it once and that was last month. I blow dry my hair about once a week. Rarely use a flat iron. And put leave-in conditioner in my hair. Only bad thing I thought I did was not getting it trim so often. Apparently it was "destroying" my hair. I guess he got an exagerated idea because my hair is pretty decent compared to the damage shit I see people doing to theirs with them flat irons. I can't imagine how their hair is. Eesh.

Anyways, he said my makeup was great. Lmao. "I had to give you a compliment...but really, leave hair curly."

Ah, he's great - just not when talking about my hair :

Anyway, pics will up soon. I'm anxious to see how it is straighten (bah ha, so much for his words of wisdom). He kinda did his own thing with my hair, it looks good tho... but... who knows.

So what were you doing wrong then? Im nervous cause I havent done a thing to my hair since I cut it and I just got the flat iron..am I doing shit like you ?? haha..uhhhggh

Um, I'll post a picture of me with curly hair then. You won't see the "cut" tho.

Minders, he was going on forever about what I was doing wrong. Made me feel bad at times but I kept laughing away. I mean, he's a professional and had his opinion - he gave great advice. But I can't take the whole, "you can't straighten your hair because it'll fall off" bullshit seriously. I mean, every celebrity, nearly all chicks straighten their hair with flat irons on a daily basis. I never do my hair daily... ever. I'll touch up my bangs with a blow dryer - but a blow dryer doesn't give much heat and damage like a flat iron does. I detest what the flat iron does to my hair - so if I do use it, it's at like minimum heat... like number 8 or something.

Anyways, he says - girls for our hair type. Just use moose and wax. Wash it every other day, I suppose because the natural oil we create is good for our hair type. Oh, and I was using leave-in conditioner hair cream because that's the only thing that weighed my hair down if I wanted it straight and left it straight without frizzing. Even using that was wrong. Oye vey! So whateve'.

Long Caca hair


My Short, Natural Curly Hair that WILL be straighten, muah ha.



I dunno why leave-in is wrong. Haha. I pretty much toned him out after awhile. I think it's because that product wasnt made for our hair type, I believe is what he said. Something or other that it weighed and oiled it up too much. I dunno, I never thought it was wrong. But he said it's "wrong".

I'll still use it cuz anything else is shit.

I would have never guessed your hair was that curly. It looks so healthy to me and may I randomly add that you have pretty teeth.

Whoa! your hair is basically as curly as mine!! i would've never guessed!!

I love the new do though, it's cute

And I agree with your hairdresser about the makeup
it looks great!


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