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Hair extensions for bangs?

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Jun 21, 2007
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Hi all! I've been wanting to put some blond streaks in my bangs but even when I go to the salon, they NEVER, I mean NEVER have gotten the streaks platinum blond the way I want it. I have naturally black hair so I guess I could understand that...but I don't want to spend anymore moolah getting it half-done!!! I honestly have gotten lighter streaks doing it myself at home, but I also hate having to bleach my hair over and over...and then messing it up and then doing it again until I get it right. *sigh*....

So I was thinking, has anyone ever tried clip-in extensions for your bangs?? Do they sell them that short, and for those who have tried them can you hide the clip well? I would like the blond streaks peeking underneath my dark bangs. I'll post up a pic of the hair in a bit.

TIA for any advice or input!!!

Anyone? Please...help!!! I'm so in need of a makeover for the New Year...