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Jan 9, 2012
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I'm trying to get a kind of feel for how badly MG has damaged themselves in the last couple of months. While I realize this isn't highly scientific, I DO figure that the folks on here are probably a decent representative sample of customers. I'm trying to figure out approximately how many subscribers they've lost (fancy math, and like I said, it'll still be an estimate.) Since there is not a poll function, could all of y'all post on here if you ARE a subscriber, if you WERE a subscriber, or if you're a subscriber who has definitely made the decision to leave (like after a pre-determined amount of time). Comments welcome, but let's TRY not to get into the usual "holy wars"? (And if you are sticking with MG but don't wanna post that publicly because of aforementioned "holy wars", feel free to PM me your answer.)


Same. Waiting for March to see if it's really getting lamer by the month.

Originally Posted by zadidoll /img/forum/go_quote.gif

No, not yet. I plan on sticking it out with them a while longer.

I cancelled after 2 months. The bags were ok, but I didn't really feel like they suited me at all. I signed up for Beauty Box 5 and Sample Society to give those a shot.

All of you who are sticking it out are tenacious in my book!

I haven't even gotten my first bag and I canceled. Too much drama and rigmarole for me

I'm "sticking" it out. I really like make up bags, lol. I'll probably stay at least 2 more months, if things continue downhill, I'll eventually cancel.

Originally Posted by Pancua /img/forum/go_quote.gif

All of you who are sticking it out are tenacious in my book!

I haven't even gotten my first bag and I canceled. Too much drama and rigmarole for me

If I had had an issue myself, I'd probably cancel, but everything has been really smooth for me so far! 

I cancelled. The quality of their products was poor (beyond the first month), the quality of the bag is not great, the customer service was lacking, and they continually messed up my shipping- which cost me money. $10 was not worth the hassle or products in the back, IMO. I'm also not a Michelle Phan fan. 

I cancelled.  There were ALOT of missteps by this company ranging from poor shipping, not shipping, double bags, not returning emails etc.  Then you lop on top of that the subpar products and I just can't justify lasting another month.  I've moved on the Julep and am on the waiting list for Sample Society (really excited for that one!). 

I wasn't going to cancel, but I thought about it overnight and decided to cancel afterall.  I wasn't totally disappointed w/Feb's bag but it didn't wow me either. I also sub BB and didn't want both so I think i'll stick w/BB.

I am going to try just one more month, but that's it. This is my first bag (supposed to come early next week), but want to give them another chance to straighten things out. I've emailed customer service multiple times (although I feel I shouldn't have had SO many issues this early in my subscription) and despite others' experiences, I have always found them to be prompt, friendly, and personalized to my concerns.

Oddly enough, after emailing them yesterday about the status of my seemingly non-existent February bag, I was quickly emailed back by one of the girls with TWO tracking numbers, even though I only received one automated confirmation email. Oh, silly MyGlam.

I cancelled.  I signed up for Beauty Box 5 and Sample Society this month.  On top of Birchbox, Julep, Stylemint, and Jewelmint.  Something had to go!

I cancelled after they revealed the February bag. I got it today, and I'm not super impressed. I'm looking for more high-end samples, and I don't think that's what I'm going to be getting with them. They were prompt with removing my credit card info and I didn't really have any trouble with shipping. I don't know what I'll use from this month's box with the exception of the Freeman's face mask. The Nyx shimmer came off my skin within minutes, and I guess that's why I really prefer the high-end samples. I'm just not going to spend money on a product that has a five minute wear time.

I signed up for Sample Society, and I'm hoping that they turn out to be as great as birchbox. Really, I'm waiting for glossybox to have their first US box. Since I can only indulge in 2 subscription services, then I will make a decision about whether I'll stick with birchbox or sample society then. Here's to hoping for good luck with sample society!

Originally Posted by WarPaint1739 /img/forum/go_quote.gif

One more month. I have hope that it may be awesome again.
Me, too. This was my 1st Glambag and I was very disappointed at the junk we got. If March isn't a lot better, I'll cancel.

I'm giving them one more month because I also hated my BB this month. But my 3 previous ones were great. So if this was my 1st BB I might have wanted to cancel, too. But I know that for BB this last box was the exception, not the rule. So I'm giving MG one more shot.  If I get more Walmart/Guthy Renker crap, then it's over for me.

There are too many other subscription services out there to waste my $ on ones that just don't get the job done.

So far I do love it, well mostly, Feb's bag could have definitely been better but it wasn't completely disappointing to me either. If the products fail to impress me for 3 months in a row though, I will cancel. But, like I said, so far it's been mostly great for me.

That said, they don't have the redeeming qualities that BB has, thus far. I mean, even if I don't like my BB I can earn back almost it's entire price with reviews. At BB if something goes wrong customer service is stellar.