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May 13, 2005
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i have a scar that has healed very pigmented. i've been using a fade cream with hydroquinone. it's been about a month and i'm not seeing much improvement. any suggestions?

The only thing that I can recommend is maybe seeing a dermatologist and see if they can help you out.

Maybe an AHA like PC's 8%, or alpha hydrox 10% enhancement cream? Neutrogena acne mark fading peel has helped me somewhat, and the aspirin mask as well.

But which ever product you decide to use, I strongly suggest adding a very good sunscreen to your daily wear, not just when going to the beach etc.. sun can and will darken your marks, just like it tans your skin. I just recently started using a seperate sunscreen daily, and I can already see imporvement!!

the jury is still out on microdermabrasion for people with darker skin tones, but the aha might be something worth trying. also the mederma might be worth trying. thanks for the great tips ladies. has anyone tried mederma and what was your result?

I'd have to say hotfoot it to your doctor- even a family doctor will be able to handle this problem effectively- and ask for retin-A. I did some heavy tanning early in the summer which resulted in very uneven toned skin, not to mention I had a couple of scars I could live without...Twice a day, I scrub my face with brown sugar- just plain brown sugar. Then I wash with MD Formulations original cleanser, then I apply retin-A....In three weeks, my skin is looking even toned, smooth, and perfectly clear. My makeup goes on like a dream, too! I had used retin-A in the past, when I was a teen, and my skin became very chapped and dry, so I wasn't thrilled about giving it another go, but since I started this routine, I haven't had any peeling at all. My skin does feel very tight, though. Sometimes strangely so.

I'd also recommend the AHA - it's been working well to fade my scars. Hope this helps!

I've used vitamin E oil and shea butter to help fade scars. Big nasty scars too. It takes a while and you have to put it on very regularly, but it does the job. And makes your skin soft too!! You can get vitamin E oil at any drugstore or grocery store. I get shea butter from the farmer's market.

thanks for the tip. i've got both vitamin e oil and shea butter on hand. i'm going to start tonight.

Originally Posted by monniej thanks for the tip. i've got both vitamin e oil and shea butter on hand. i'm going to start tonight.
Thats fabulous! I really hope it works for you.
lately i've been hearing alot about emu oil. any info you can share?

Originally Posted by hkLola Hey there. I would recommend using Neutrogena's microdermabrasion kit for about 5 minutes on whichever area. I use that for some of my scars and in 1 week I have had the greatest results! It smoothed them and made them blend in much much MUCH better, I am not kidding!
I put Mederma on afterwards but that never did anything alone. Here's what I did that worked.... I used the microdermabrasion kit and then applied Mederma and then applied some 100% pure emu oil. Good luck!
Originally Posted by monniej lately i've been hearing alot about emu oil. any info you can share? I've tried emu oil and it was ok. It was a little too greasy for my liking and I just had a problem every time I thought about what I was putting on my skin cuz it is the fat of an emu bird. I actually get much better results with pure rosehip seed oil. It's great for scars.
thanks lolita- i understand exactly what the emu oil does now. i'm kind of feeling envy though about the idea that it's the fat of an emu. envy, thanks for the tip on the rosehip oil. thanks for the great site, naturally. what have you gotten from them so far?

i saved the site in my favorites so that i can go back and take my time looking. i'm in the market for a new eye cream. the one i'm using now just doesn't seem to be doing much at all.

hello mariana! welcome to MUT. this is the greatest site to get info for everything!

Welcome to MUT mariana! I personally use Tea Tree Oil and vitamin E. When I had stitches on my face (and I have really sensitive dark skin the hyperpigments easily) the doctor recommended using vitamin E, avoiding sunlight, and wearing tons of sunscreen. The sunlight part is impossible for me but using those oil and sunscreen prevents me from having dark scar. People don't even notice that I had stitches.

Originally Posted by MyMaria /img/forum/go_quote.gif Try Dermatix Silicone Gel
hello mymaria! i can't believe you actually found this thread! just to update anyone that might be interested i've been using a few things that have done a great job of correcting my scar and blemish problems. 1. mama lotion! my hg blemish and spot!

2. dermae microdermabrasion scrub w/ a drop of dermalogica special cleansing gel to resurface and soften!

these two take care of just about all of my problems these days, but thanks bunches for the rec!


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