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Oct 12, 2007
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Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing good and in ze best of health and as 'problem free' as can be in this world that always seems to smack you in the face :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Just thought I'd do a short into..

I'm Umm Shamekh [bit of a mouthful isnt it] just call me Umm S for short, i'm a student who's slightly crazy, quite a pessimist, a muslim, love trying out different food [eating not cooking! - can't cook to save me life
], i'm a proud cookie dough and toblerone fiend, i enjoy browsing other forums, singing, reading, absolutely love doing henna and experimenting with different patterns when/if someone is dumb enough to agree annnnnd have just recently gotten into make up..

Yes yes that's right - just recently- *shock horror* where was I all these years?!?! I really don't know..deprived and ignorant person that I was I used to hate make up but since I came back from my holiday in UAE think I had a brain transplant

I have now......
......seen the light

I absolutely love experimenting with different colours - im like a hyper child with a plethora of colours at hand - and I absolutely love arabic eye make up.

If anybody could kindly link me to threads on the basics of make up as i think I could do with improving my hand and learning new tips/techniques...and no better place than to start at the beginning eh?

Looking forward to reading and posting
hope you'll all make me feel at home

ta ra

- Umm Shamekh

p.s the forum emoticons are adorable!


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