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Jul 7, 2005
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i'm so curious, i see all these skinny actress's who are obviously anorexic, but here's my question that i want to get opinions on, how in the HELL do they keep from fainting, and how do they function? and stay alert? i'm overweight and if i skip a meal i swear i feel like i'm gonna pass out. just curious.

Its not an easy task, being dehydrated plays a large roll in it. Many will stock up on vitamins to help what they are not eating naturally.

THe feeling of hunger passes after about 3 days and then after that you get kind of a euphoric feeling. They're able to function because their bodies are burning itself for fuel to keep them going. Also, alot of them do eat, but just enough to keep them going! Doesn't sound like a fun life does it? Oh, and they're usually all hopped up on caffeine and diet pills too, to give them energy!

I don't think they all have anorexia. It's just extreme dieting.

And how do they keep from freezing? I dont care where they live,if youre underweight youre gonna be cold.

Wait... what and who?!

Are you positive these girls you are looking at are anorexic?

I'm talking about anyone that is underweight.I got too skinny when I was younger and I was always cold.

I hear starbuck's and rock stars are saving people from feeling faint and tired but I don't really know. Maybe there's some supplements taken to have the basics with no carbs/fat/etc?

Being anorexic doesn't mean you DONT eat at all 24/7. Usually they try to eat as less as possible and fill up on 0 calorie to low calorie foods like green tea, diet soda, coffee, energy drinks and eat negative calories foods once in a while like apples.

i saw "inrevention" the other day about twin girls and one was anorexic, and all she ate was a peach and coffee, she didnt eat meat, dairy products or carbs, she was 5'8" and weighed 95 lbs. she would excercise for up to 5 hrs a day, even while showering she was doing squats, it was really sad. and even after she went to rehad she lost 7 more lbs!!!! so she finally agreed to be tube fed at another facility.

I am underweight but I am far from anorexic. Dont generalize. Not every skinny person or underweight person is anorexic.

You get to the stage where you just don't get hungry anymore. I'm underweight due to illness, and I don't have any appetite at all.

Originally Posted by Saje /img/forum/go_quote.gif I am underweight but I am far from anorexic. Dont generalize. Not every skinny person or underweight person is anorexic. That is so true. I too am a bit underweight but I could not imagine being anorexic! Eating is one of my favorite hobbies!

On a serious note, people always comment on how skinny I am and ask me outright if I have an eating disorder. They then treat it as if it is some sort of compliment. "Oh my gosh, you are so skinny! Um, are you anorexic? I wish I was that thin!" People wouldn't make comments like that towards people of larger stature, so why make comments like that towards people of smaller stature??? Weight can be a very personal thing--you don't just have to be overweight to be sensitive about it. Granted I am only 5'1.5" tall, I wouldn't mind gaining a few pounds and some more curves along with it but have come to accept that it will be a little harder for me to gain due to my metabolism.

Really, being thin isn't all that great. Just once I would love to be able to walk into a store and grab a pair of jeans with an acutal number as a size instead of "0."

P.S. I don't mean to come across as confrontational or anything--just matter of fact.

I also agree with Saje, not all thin people are anorexic. My sister used to stuff herself like a pig but her metabolism was obviously really fast, so she stayed tiny.

I also think that the less you eat, the less you want. I tried to cut down how much I ate recently and I found that after a few days of feeling starving, I really wasnt hungry, and I could cope with a decent breakfast, small lunch and dinner, whereas before I felt starving if I didn't have a full hot meal for brekkie, lunch and dinner.

I'm not advocating anorexia or starving yourself, but I do think that the amount of food your body actually needs to function is a lot less than you would think.

I remember last year i think on project runway, after the show when they do the reunion or something like that, they showed the outtakes and models were fainting left and right. One of the designers said that models passing out was a problem during that season. So maybe they do pass out, we just never see it.

im underweight too and im not even close to being anorexic and i never diet, i just get full real easy and dont eat much and i have lots of energy, i feel better when i dont over eat or stuff myself.

I don't know about the skinny actresses being anorexic, but I do hear lots of stories of them being hospitalized for "exhaustion". So they probably do faint...

ok first off i'm talking about "anorexia" not just skinny girls in general, obviously there are skinny girls who eat tons and are not anorexic, i GET IT, but the thread IS about anorexia. and when i say all these actress's i mean when you have seen them at healthy weights and all of a sudden you see bones and ribs, , i wonder how they keep from fainting which was my original question, regardless of HOW they got that way. didnt mean to offend the naturally skinny, it was just a question.


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