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Sep 19, 2005
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Hello ladies.Im sure all your man had an ex r/ship before( maybe not for some lolz!)

So now ur man is with you, how far do you know his ex gf? Had he been honest about his past?Can you make friends with them (apart frm the fact bugging you that the girl is his ex!)Had he told you about their wonderful ex life together, things they've done?How do u cope with it?How do you react if you bump them?

my husband has many ex fiance's, hehehe, and i have met them all. i am not friends with any of them, but i dont dislike them either.

my husband, however, seems to love my ex'es, well, the ones i am still in contact with. as a matter of fact, one of my ex'es was one of his groomsmen.

Not friends with any of my SO's ex's at all. I was friends with one of his gf's while they were dating, but now she absolutely hates me, and I think that she is the biggest coercive, *****y person on the face of the planet =P His other ex's I don't give a shit about, and don't care to know them.

Yeah, he has told me in the past the stuff they have done and all that, even down to like, songs they made out listening to, and while it bugged me a lot, I'm still better than them anyway ;]

I know one of my bf's ex's and we're okay I guess. We say hi and bye, but that's it.

I am easy to get along with. I have never had problems with ex-girlfriends. I love having a drama free life and if giving up any personal problems that I may have--is worth it.

Unrequited friendliness, if that is the case, I just ignore them.

My boyfriend was....ok I can't put it nicely he was basially a whore. I know the number of ladies he's done and for awhile just that number made me so paranoid. I haven't met his most recent ex-fiance even though she bugged me on myspace for awhile. I wouldn't get along with her even if she hadn't been his ex. I just don't like her.

Never met her. I hear she's a crazy wh*re. He told me I should kick her ass lol. She'd hit him and cheat on him.

WOW... poor girl, now I have him

My s.o. has told me all about his past exs. Theres just one I cant stand and she pisses me off like no other. In the beginning of our relationship she would call and text him all the time and it got on my nerves so bad. He even told her not to text or call anymore but shes stupid and did. You figured she would have learned her lesson but no, she kept textn and callin. She found a bf so it all stopped but when they broke she was right back to doin what she did before. Its been almost 2 years since we've been together and she still calls from a private number but doesnt ever say anything. I have her number blocked from texting him. So far thats worked but wait no it hasnt. She texted him from one of her friends phones. Gd shes so stupid and it pisses me off. I just wanna punch her in the face. We even came to an agreement that she wouldnt text or call him anymore sure looks like thats not gonna happen. I wish she would just leave us alone well him alone and things would be all fine and dandy. Theres more to say but dont feel like sayin it all.

I can get jealous bit...hope I dont show my facial expression whenever I bump into them..U know we woman like to think a lot even for a small seeing the ex..i'd been wondering like that's the lips of that woman he'd kissed before n so on n so on lolz!!!!I know im crazy but its just that I cant help think of it, of coz it didnt overpower me so still in a safer mode I suppose!

ugh i try not to think of how they touched each other when i see them..

we have roughly the same number of exes.. two are crazy psychos, and the other used to be a close family friend, so we went to her 21st. she's different from me so its like, how can he like her AND like me? but i liked her.. kind of person i could talk to but not want to be close friends with type thing, and that's good enough for me. We dont really see her anyway

I chose not to make friends with his exes because Im a hater and a b***h.

They can kiss my ass.

Im not really interested bout his past relationship with them.

Originally Posted by XkrissyX /img/forum/go_quote.gif I chose not to make friends with his exes because Im a hater and a b***h.
They can kiss my ass.

Im not really interested bout his past relationship with them.

I 2nd that one. Im the same way.
hmmm... gurls are soo lucky you can choose to not meet the ex's!!

wish i had a choice,,

my fiance..has kissed every girl he has met!!

one is living in his house ryt now =)) lol..

and he chose all his cousins..well ya..seriously!! almost every girl in the family was once his ex.excluding me..because i never encourged his advances and would always show him the door :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> butwell..long story short!!

i cant stand his two cousins he was in relationship with!! one just got married last month!! thankgod..she was a B*tch though..didnt like her..i dunno why he liked her =))

other is currently studyin in his area and is his sis best friend being our cousin(me and my fiance are related) she is staying at his place..she is nice..but i recently started hating her ..some silly reason..but i cant stand him talking to her after that incident(nothing major) but...i mean its not comfortable for me ...

he doesnt talk to her and she doesnt talk to him

she got engaged also to someone else..

but still..i dont think when i go there i would be friendly with her that much..

i can pretend though =))

masad babe , I feel ur god ex'es staying under one roof?mannn dats tough!!! Even once few yrs back, I happen to see one my ex bf ex'es sister(Ive never seen the ex before), I lost my mood.Imagine by just seeing the sister only, not the ex!!

My boyfriend only had one "relationship" before me, but it lasted less than a week. They never did anything, maybe hugged or held hands. LOL. I saw her at the grocery store once and got kinda jealous, but I really had no reason to. I never see her otherwise, we live in different towns.

I imagine that if he'd had other serious relationships before me, I probably wouldn't get along with his exes. I'm a bit jealous like that. It would really bother me, thinking about them touching and kissing each other...