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May 22, 2006
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How long can you make it without buying makeup? I can sometimes go months and then other times, I *have* to buy something every week.

It's like, it attacks me!

Have you ever done a "no buy"? Where you don't buy anything unless you needed it?

every month, lol. if i don't feel like buying a new eyeshadow, i'll just buy myself a lipbalm, so it still feels like something i can apply on my face. i think i'm using like 4 now

Depends on my mood, I guess. Last month I have been buying like crazy (anti-extreme-stress therapy), but now I should probably only buy something like once a month or every two months.

I have never done a "no buy" I don't buy all that much to put myself on a "no buy", but I have periods where I don't buy anything and some were I just can't get enough! I get the attacks, too.

i use make-up as a reward. If something goes right, I will buy myself something--doesn't have to be high end.

Oh yeah, I have to buy something everyweek!! I can't help it!!! I must be addicted...

For me, it varies. I can go a month or two without buying any makeup and then come the third month..I'm going to Ulta or Sephora stocking up on makeup.

Well before joining this site I only bought when I was out but now....I have become a major makeup junkie....especially e/s. But oh well atleast its fun!!

I can go a few months. My last haul to speak of was in October. I just got a great haul though from Perye, my secret Santa, but I didn't have to buy that one....LOL.

I'm a makeup addict! And a total shopaholic!

"No buys" just don't work for me no matter how hard I try!

I shop when I'm happy, sad, bored...vexed with my BF! LOL

I can go a few months. I used to buy all the time, but now I have way too much and I need to start using things up. I find I just don't want new things at the moment.

It depends if their something new but sometimes I sit down and think do I need it or want it.

I'm on a no buy now. I'm not finding it difficult either. Of course I have everything I need, not everything I want. ( ok technically it is all a want ) I've also been cutting back on makeup usuage to foundation, concealer and mascara.

It all really depends on my mood.

When I'm sad, its the only thing that cheers me up. Ill shop with my friends when we have our day out together. And lastly ill shop if its a neccessity.

I'm not those types to go out and buy a collection just because - I think about my purchase, read reviews on it... etc. So I guess I can say I could go months, weeks or days without buying anything.

Depends. If there is a sale, I cant help myself, I have to buy something even if I already have 100 of and don't need it. The longest I have gone is a month.

Oh it's not problem to me anymore now. I can go on no buys for months.

The longest I did was only for 3 months since I joined MUT.

I used to want to buy something all the time, but now I can go 3 months without buying makeup easily. I just bought some Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, and it is the first thing I bought in awhile. Tomorrow I will be at Sephora though, so I'll be picking up the new rosebud salve.

I wind up buying some sort of make-up about once a week, mostly stupid stuff- a new lipstick here, a new blush there even if it’s just from Target. I really can't fight the urge to buy make-up. For more high end and exciting splurges I’d say maybe I can go a few months then I will break down and treat myself to all make-up counters have to offer me, hah.

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