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Jun 1, 2007
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I know most of you have had your photos taken when you were a senior in high school.. And it ranges from just the photos that go in the yearbook to a full blown photo spread.. So how much did you end up spending or if you haven't yet how much do you plan on spending?

Just picked up the son's photos and it was over $800.. The daughter 3 years ago was over $1,000... Multiple outfit changes, props... Special photo combinations.. Think my parents spent $20 for mine!! Lol. And for the small amount of pictures you get its really crazy!! But I guess you have those memories for ever...


Our school had a contract with a specific company, so our senior pics that would go in the yearbook had to be taken with that company.

They really sucked, too. But I never bothered having extra pictures taken by another photography company for myself.

Back in the dark ages my photos cost my mom $35. (CRHS Class of 1980). My beautiful 14kt yellow gold class ring was $50.

Maybe 100-200 dollars, our Senior Pics were just paying for packets, in the same attire (a black drape around your shoulders, or whatever it was for the girls, and a shirt, jacket and tie for the boys), and of course, pictures in a gown, with a cap. Nothing fancy.

Karren, I wish I could remember. Def not what you paid for your kids. Think circa 1983..long, long time ago. My daughter got a GED so I don't know how much hers would have been 2 years ago either.

I think my family paid about $350 for mine in 2004. I forget how many frames that was for, but I only ended up having 4 different poses printed. We got a decent package of pictures though, if I remember correctly.

Mine were over $250 and I only got 8, 4x6 pics. They were all different poses. My school also had a contract with a photographer that we had to use. It was outdoors and actually pretty nice.

free-cause I was the editor in chief of the school newspaper, its the least they could have done for all my slaving!!!!!!

My mother paid a big fat wad of cashola for my pics... not like it is now, but for the time (1992)- $500 was skrilla!!!

we got 2 18x20 portraits and a grip of wallets, and enough 5x7's to give out to all the relatives.

my mom was so in love with my photo's, hahaha... with my big ass mariah permed hair.

I spent nothing. Feels kind of nice. I can capture a memory in less than 2 bucks and It can carry a lot more emotion than a simple senior photo, which s dull and unemotional almost every single time.

i dont remember, my parents paid for them.

i do remember i wasnt happy with them cause my mom wanted "appropriate" pictures so she could send them back to the extended family in iran.

and by appropriate i mean boring.

as i wanted to do a whole 60s theme set and a few with my bass guitar.

Nothing. I didn't get mine done two years ago because I really don't like getting a formal picture taken.

Aprill!!!! i was ed in chief of the paper too!!!! i didnt get my pics for free, but i got to cut a lot of classes in the name of deadlines, and all the school activities and dances, and my yearbook for free.

i was cool with that.

what the hell? I didnt know those pictures werethat expensive. They arent worth it in my opinion. I probably got the cheapest package just to make my mom happy. I think every school in NYC has a contract with the same company because through kindergarten to college it has been the same studio.