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Dec 23, 2006
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I'm asking because I'm 24 and I'm bearly going to get it.I know I'm pretty old but I always had car accident phobia.

I got my restricting license when I was 15 and got my normal license at 16.

I got my learners permit at 15.5 (to the day) which is as early as we were allowed to then, and my license i got at 16 and month and a day(at 730 am) which again, is as early as i was allowed by law!

I was 19... I was allowed to get it when I was 16, but I waited until 19. I was always afraid too... but now I think I'm an awesome driver. My bf on the other hand, is terrible. He thinks I'm a great driver too. Good luck with getting your license. You'll be fine.

I got my "L" as soon as I moved to Canada at 17.. which let me drive with a supervisor over 19.. lol

Then I got my "N" at 18.. It meens new driver and you can only have 1 passenger or family members and ofcourse zero alcohol tolerance, which wasn't a problem..

But I actually got a ticket from a b*tchy cop once for not having my N on the back of the car.. lol

And then last year in August I finally got my Class 5 license!! at 20 years old!!

lol, BC has some crazy drivers licensing policies!

I think I was 17. Instead of thinking about accidents just tell everyone you are doing more than your part to save the planet.

16 I think. It's been awhile! But...I went for that Learner's Permit as soon as I was of legal age!

I got my permit at 15 and then I got it re-newed like a month ago. I have yet to get my license.

I probably would have had mine by now, but money troubles and things like that got in my way. So I didn't care and bummed rides from friends. I would like to get mine soon, but I know i'm going to be nervous.

I don't have mine yet eother. I'm 26. I have bad anxiety with driving. I took lessons last month, but they sucked. I wish I could get over my fear.......

17. I would have gotten it at 16 but I was getting bad grades at the time and my parents made me bring them up before I could get my license..


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