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Feb 22, 2006
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Start with an eyeshadow base, applied to the eyelid with your finger or a soft shadow brush. This will keep eye makeup where you put it and prevent creasing. Pick your shadow shades in groups of three-one for the brow bone, one for the lid, and one to serve as liner. They should all be in the same color family, otherwise the effect will be too dramatic.

Using a flat-tipped eyeshadow brush, run the lightest shade right under your eyebrow, down to the crease. Using a fluffy shadow brush, sweep the medium shade from lashline to crease, then blend with the first color.

Using a thin liner brush, add the darkest shade to the top lashline. (Line your bottom lashes too, if you like.)

Finally, take a big blush brush and gently blend it all together with a couple of quick motions back and forth to get a soft overall finish.-- Mally Roncal, celebrity makeup artist


great post

Thanks for posting this! I recently just discovered e/s bases, and can I just say...they make a HUGE difference! E/s bases can also make the e/s pigment show up more as opposed to applying it without a base.

Hmm...this is very different than the way I apply shadow but I'm definately going to give it a try.

Is it true that a neutral eyeshadow can serve as a base. I would think the color although neutral would interfere with the others.

this is very good

Originally Posted by luxotika /img/forum/go_quote.gif Thanks for posting!

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