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Jan 3, 2006
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You're invited to a big BBQ at a coworker's house. You show up in a very casual outfit (hey, it's only a BBQ right?) only to arrive and find out everyone is dressed in semi formal attire. Apparently this is a very swank BBQ!

What do you do?

Hmmm.... I'd act cool, calm and collect. I wouldn't even let it affect me. My co-worker should've let me know it was a swanky BBQ. And if she's that concerned, then maybe she'll let me borrow one of her outfits.

I'd be mad at my co-worker. And leave.

I do not like feeling like an outcast.

id stay

i would be angry ofcourse

but u'll only look more ridiculous if your seen coming back changed

At the arrival.. i'd be upset probably.. but i'd keep it to myself, act like i don't even realize it.. lol.. forget about it and have fun

I'd be irritated the co worker didnt tell me, but also have a bit of a giggle at a whole lot of people dressed in semi formal clothing at a BBQ. like wth? who does that?

I'd try and have a good time regardless of what I was wearing. It really depends how well you get along with your co-worker, if you get along really well and they're fun people then I'd probably forget I was dressed differently, but anyone holding a semi formal bbq sounds like a jerk, so I'd leave early, LOL

anyway, to be honest i always dress on the more dressy side of casual - I usually dress up more than my friends and as long as I felt good in what I was wearing then I guess it wouldnt matter..

Well, the story behind this one didn't actually happen to me but happened to a friend of mine. She went thinking it was going to be a casual back yard BBQ and it ended up being this big thing at her coworkers house that was practically a mansion! They even had champagne and caviar at a darn BBQ!

I'd stay and try to have a good time. Who would presume that a BBQ is going to be a semi formal occasion? After the BBQ sometime I would let my co-worker know that I didn't appreciate how they didn't inform me that it was semi-formal.

Then again knowing me they could have told me and I would have forgotten.

Originally Posted by Aprill849 /img/forum/go_quote.gif get me a plate of food and take it on home!!!! LMAO!!! Too funny, April!!!
Depends if I was wearng a dress or in male mode....

I do love BBQ....

I'd stay, chances are if I was wearing a dress they would be staring at me no matter what they were wearing!!! lol What kind of BBQ??? Memphis or KC? Not NC... wouldn't stay for that but Texas style I would .. hehe


hmmm, i think i wouldve stayed, if u were to know where the event was taking place u usually dress for that anyways, like if that area was all posh etc etc. i noe i do!!

I'd just put a huge smile on my face, act confident, and start mingling. Once I was back at work, I'd ask my coworker why he/she didn't tell me how dressy it was going to be.

i stay around for alittle while, but sneak out early. i think i'd feel a bit uncomfortable.

go with the flow, theres really not much you can do.

oooo and take joy when the people who are dressed up stain theyre clothes with bbq sauce.

It would definitely make me angry not being aware of the dress code however, i would just pretend to have a good time and probably never attend another invitation that he/she has..LOL

Whenever I am invited to a BBQ or anything, I never ever ever show up in something really casual. I'll do a nice top and maybe some dark jeans and cute shoes. I always look put together, so I wouldn't panic at all.


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