I keep buying stuff that I never use....You?

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Oct 8, 2006
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I am a mascara wh*re.

I constantly buy new ones and I use them a couple of times...afterwards..I just forget about them. Same with eyeshadows in fact...xD

But I guess it's just my eyes' fault...when I yawn (which I do, a lot.) tears seap up into my lid and ruin the makeup.

But mostly mascara...I have about 5-6 tubes of different brands, I use them about....oh....let's say 3-5 times a month.

What about you?

I have the same problem with my makeup being ruined by my watery eyes going up, instead of down!

I used to buy products that I thought I might like, but now I only buy stuff that I know I will use. Especially with foundations. I always get department store samples to try first. I am glad I do. I would have spent hundred of dollars otherwise!

I bought a foundation that was on special a while back, well I am down to the end of my current lot and I went looking for the new foundation and I cannot find it anywhere. So yes I will probably never use it and just buy another replacement. Then the lost one will turn up to put away to loose again.

I currently have 3 tubes of Mascara, some of them came from free gifts with other make up purchases.

I always do this. Use once and then find a reason as to why I dont like it and then buy another.

I do too... I bought like 5 or 6 mascaras this month. I know they go bad, and they don't last long... but I figured what the hell.

I use to do this buy a whole bunch of stuff just b/c it looks pretty or b/c its new or just to try it. Then it all just piles up and I end up giving it away. So now like others say...I don't buy stuff unless I know I will love.

Yes, I'm a huge impluse shopper. I swap a lot on MUA though and try to get things I do use =)

It happens to me sometimes lol, I have a small pile starting to build up now.

I just cant help it when I go looking at all the makeup in Shoppers or Walmart I just want to try stuff like crazy lol I always feel like I need it! Oh I know I have 10 pink lipglosses but isnt this one a little different? Lol

My small pile has a beautiful blue pigment which I just dont know how to wear, a couple red lipglosses I just dont feel brave enough for, a great Elizabeth Arden e/s quad (why dont I use it?), a number of eyeliners, eyeshadows...

Its not even that half the stuff is bad I just dont know lol I guess Im an impulse shopper. Actually I know I am.

i collect tubes and pots of lipbalms

[Eeeek, you name it I collect it. My room looks like a department store, I keep wanting to give stuff away but when it comes to the crunch I totally break down!

well im not buying a lot just what i need

i buying like 4 mu items a month

and the rest i got from swaps

I used to when I just joined MUT

But now not anymore, I finally able to control my MU appetite lol

Originally Posted by Leony /img/forum/go_quote.gif I used to when I just joined MUT

But now not anymore, I finally able to control my MU appetite lol

Unfortunately, I can`t say this about myself. If I`m able to restrain myself when it comes to clothes or shoes, I become literally obsessed with some new "magic" cosmetic product (especially blushes--I`m really sick about those)
oh yes! i vuy a lot of makeup and don't use it because i worry that i never find this wonderful color again and so i don't use it...crazy i know

i'm an impulsive e/s buyer lol. if i see a color i like or a pallette i like, i buy it. most of them just never end up being used