I Think Someone Stole my Beautiful Iris

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Jan 3, 2006
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My makeup doesn't usually leave my makeup bag, but when we had some friends over for my birthday I was stiff getting ready when people started arriving so I left a bunch of what I had out on a shelf above my bathroom sink. Amongst the items I left there, was my MAC Beautiful Iris eyeshadow, which I have since discovered has gone missing. I definitely know I haven't used it since then, so it should still be sitting there on my shelf right?

Um, no. It's gone.

On of my guy friends brought a girl by that night and I don't know her very well . . . so I'm thinking it left in her pocket

not cool!!! may the makeup karma gods rain down upon her a fluerry of pimples and cold sores!!!!! ive been told i should insure my kit, with my airbrush and all my cosmetics, i have several thousand dollars worth of makeup. i did a fashion show the other week and every model was ohhing and awing over my kit, i jokingly told them i was taken inventory before i left (but seriously i hated leaving it out of my site for any given moment). i work in a very ghetto mall, and our testers come up missing all the time, how lame do you have to be to steal a tester from the counter?? so i always hope that karma inflicts them with infection or an allergic reaction hahaha. hopefully she didnt steal from you, maybe it got knocked on the floor or rolled under a cabinet or something, but if she did steal it, it will come back on her someday!

That's why whenever I have people over, and WHOEVER is may be, I hide everything I don't want taken. You never know. Sorry Kee.

I did makeup for a bridal party last month and four of my Sephora brushes turned up missing. I was really upset because I had just bought them and they were pretty pricey. However, once I got home, I realized they had slipped underneath the comparments in my train case; I had looked for them before but for some reason I wasn't able to find them until later. Here's hoping your shadow will turn up.

I hope so too but I haven't used any of my MAC shadows since then . . . I didn't even use it that night actually, just had it out incase

Man...that sucks. I have all of my makeup in a guest bathroom because it has the best lighting. We rarely have people over, but when we do I get a little paranoid that they might open a drawer and see the goldmine.

Yep, and I still can't find it anywhere

I mean, do people think it will go unnoticed? wtf?

Yep I don't like people with light fingers, Just makle sure it didn't fall down some hole or you misplaced it.

Sorry to hear about that Kee. I hate thieves.
I do hope it turns up somewhere.

That sucks bad...but that's why I dont let people party in my home... so things dont come up missing and I dont chase people outta my house with a weapon, lol

Sorry this happend ,I agree with Angela I also had beauty stuff stolen from me only thing is it was about 150 $ worth of mary kay stuff

Originally Posted by AngelaGM /img/forum/go_quote.gif I think you could ask him if she took it.