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I'm finally going to do it! *this is kinda long*

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Nov 5, 2005
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after spending the past few years jealous of girls (benebaby included) who have the bettie paige bangs.

im finally gonna get them done!

ive been asking friends of mine if i could pull it off which i was informed i could, but then given the statement "but i dont really like the whole rockabilly look though" (which my response is 'i dont care if you like the look, im just asking if i can pull it off').

so at 12:45 tomorrow (thankfully this was my hair dressers last spot that was open since im gonna be gone on saturday for 2 week) im gonna go and ask for them.

i know that whole rockabilly look takes some more effort in the look than i normally do (which is why i never did it) but i realize if i dont do it now, im never going to do it.

so tomorrow after i get it cut i will post on here to see what you guys think.

im excited and nervous (since i generally have never changed my hair style since i hacked all my hair off when i was a freshmen in highschool).

wish me luck!