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Feb 13, 2007
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There is an Apple event tomorrow, and I've been reading rumors all over the internet that suggest Apple will be announcing new touch-screen iPods and new, shorter, kinda stubby looking Nanos!

I'm excited! It's about time I got a new iPod.

Intersting, but I just replaced my Silver Nano in Spring so I won't be budging for awhile on a new on.e

Me too. I just bought a new Nano about 6 months ago, but would like to see what the new ones look like.

I have the 80 gb iPod and don't even use it most of the time. I won't be buying a new one any time soon.

i heard on the news but im not really into gadgets and im happy with my refurbished nano. lol

that's awesome but i figured since i have an ipod why would i get another? but sounds cool though

I don't buy Apple brand mp3 players. I'm happy with the one I got, it serves my needed purpose without all the extra bells & whistles, and it's much smaller too.

Wha?! If it's a touch screen ipod I will DEF. be upgradding mine! (As soon as the first run comes out and they end up sucking and then they fix all the bugs lol). I have an ancient 20 gb and I'm DYING for a new 80 GB! Let us know, I really can't wait to hear if it's true!

Ive had my video ipod for 2 years now and Im satisfied with it for the time being.

Apple needs to step up on its battery life... forget touch screens!

Here's what the new ones look like:

Click here to read more.

yah they are super nice. i have an 80gb black ipod video so i wont need a new one for a while though.

It looks almost identical to the iPhone. I think I'd rather have the iPhone instead of the new iPod.


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