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Is it my application, or should I try a different brand?

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Dec 20, 2007
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I ordered the sample kit from EDM, and thus far I'm averagely satisfied, if that makes sense. Granted, I'm still getting the feel for various application techniques and so forth.

However, I've finally purchased some Monistat for a primer (yay for the cheap yet efficient MU users!), which I have yet to try. I have had a good run doing a basic wash, tone, moisturize, then applying the concealer and foundation run, and the MMU has been lasting slightly longer than it used to. It's now lasting me a good 6 hours before I start to see it fading away--I'm hoping the Monistat primer will improve the staying power.

Anyway, I love the coverage, though I find that if I look closely in the mirror at my reflection (about 2 ft. between myself and the actual reflection), that I can see the 'powder' on my face. I mean, I can see the 'chalky' texture on my face. Now, to be within two feet of my face, we would need to be getting up close and personal, but still this upsets me--I was hoping for a more natural look, even from 2 feet away! Is this even possible? When I stand back an average distance from the mirror, my skin looks GREAT. When I get closer, I can see the chalky texture.

Is it possible that this is my application technique? Am I applying too heavily? I generally keep applying until I'm satisfied with any hidden redness and blemishes, though since I layer a few times, I think I'm drawing attention to the powder texture of the MMU. However, if I layer any less, I'm not satisfied with the coverage.

Do you think this means I should try a different brand? Should I get a heavier coverage mineral foundation so that I can get the same coverage with less layers? Is it simply my application technique? Any other brand suggestions based on this information?