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I've had a craptacular day...

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Jun 24, 2007
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Today is one of those days that I feel like nothing is going my way. I'm about to graduate in two months, so I did two job interviews today and I am positive that I bombed both of them big time! The first one was for Brinks Inc. and the other was for Belk. I was really wanting the Belk interview to go well, because I would love to work there, but I think it horribly. The interviewer did not seem all that impressed with my answers and I think I said a couple of wrong things. My nerves were on edge during the entire interview.... I felt like doing this afterwards

After the horrible interviews I went to the library to get on the internet so that I can study power point notes for the quiz which was assigned for today. Of course my computer started acting funny and after the first power point, the program basically stopped responding. So I wasn't able to look at the rest of the information.

However, the brightspot of the day is that my professor pushed the quiz back to Monday so I can actually print out the power points at home. After that class, which is held in an auditorium with really small and steep steps, I make a misstep and I then FALL down the stairs a little way and in the process banging my head on a desk and breaking two nails.
Fortunately I didn't fall down the entire stairwell, but enough to make me feel like a clumsy ass with one hell of a headache. Of course this was the one day that I did NOT have my headache medicine, which is something I normally have on me all the time.

After that I still had another class which unfortunately lasts for three hours. In this class there is a certain kid that I swear up and down is on drugs. He argues with the professor, doesn't listen to what he is saying, interrupts other students, spits onto the floor and I could go on and on. Today I walked in and he was sitting in the desk I normally sit in, which isn't surprising since he tried to get me to which with him last week. As soon as he started to gloat about it, I whip around and I basically tell him to shut the **** up, and don't talk to me because I did not want to hear his voice. This guy is full of
and extremely disrespectful.

I hope the crappy stuff is over for today, but knowing my luck, something else will happen. Such as waiting for 30 minutes to catch the bus back home, which happened to me last week...
. Anyway I just felt the need to vent.

But no matter how bad my day was to me, I know that my problems are nothing compared to what is happening right now California.