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Dec 7, 2007
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Hello ladies, I am new here and looking for some tips on eyeliner.

Is there a certain look that is best for lower lid eyeliner? I like it to be visable but am not sure how much is too much. I'm looking for daytime wear tips. I wear liquid up top, but liquid on the bottom just doesn't work for me.

You could try using a pencil on your waterline.

I use brown eyeliner and draw it softly all under my eyelashes and then smudge it with a q-tip. It's subtle but adds a nice touch to liquid liner on top.

I do the same as Nikkurs, and on occasion I'll bring my liquid under just the outer tip of my lower lid. But my eyes are very downcast, and it just tends to make them look a bit more normal. Not sure how it would work on regular eyes.

I normally just use a dry e/s. I generally only line in black or brown, so I use a matte black or matte brown on my lower lashline. There is a rare occasion I use the crease color to do my lower lashline. Then again, I've gotten so lazy, I rarely line my lower lashes.

you can use an e/s or a khol liner. make sure you apply a light coat of primer so you don't find yourself with panda eyes in the middle of the day. when i'm not lazy, i line about 1/2 of the lid (middle to outer corner) then smudge it a bit with my brush.

I still use regular eye pencil which requires alot of touch up but heard that the Fluideline stays on pretty good

i only use eyeshadow on the lower lid, too. pencil is too harsh for me, let alone liquid or gel. i use gel on the inner rims.

If you are blond, darker shades from MAC eyeliners work best. if you are brunette, the silver and light pastels from MAYBELINE,

i use a pencil and line the outer corners. then i use a smudge brush & a black matte shadow and go over so it'll stay better. it works for me, it stays on all day. suggest jane eye zing in clubbing & revlon colorstay eyeliner...

Ive seen some pretty good results using white eye liner on the waterline. Really brightens up the eye and makes it look bigger.

I either use eyeshadow or pencil liner for my lower lashline. I use a smudge brush or a Q-tip to softly blend it.

Thanks for all the tip ladies, I have been trying them all out. So far its either dark brown shadow or eye pencil smudged depending on the day.

I use a kohl pencil on my lower lashline and then go back over it with creme liner. It stays really well but the corner of my lashline does wear off after a while so I just keep it in my purse and touch it up on my lunch break.

I can't really get away with it, becaue I wear hard contact lenses, and I rub my eyes or they water alot