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Feb 27, 2005
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Son_risa on LJ posted this:

"MAC prices are going up again! Be forewarned. Not everything is being raised, but most things are going up anywhere between $.50 and $2.00 I *think* it happens July 1st. Lipglasses/lustreglasses/eye khols will be $14, lip liners will be $12, Face and Body foundation jumps from $28 to $30, the 217 brush jumps from $18-$20 etc. I don't remember what other products though. I just scanned the list. Eyeshadows aren't. I have no clue about shadesticks, but I don't remember seeing them on the list."

Just wanted to give all of you a heads up!

I wonder how do they justify the price raise?

I think MAC is already expensive enough. yeah, it´s worth the money, but still...

i guess they do it twice a year. and not all the products at the same time.

Well- i guess i will be even MORE happy when that PPID arrives, and if i can't get to the CCO, i am going to that awful freestanding store.. ..

i wish my day would get better.

Man, that means the prices will probably double in Ireland. They're bad enough as it is.

I HATE PRICE INCREASES. Like MAC aren't making enough money as it is with them having new collections practically every fortnight **ggrr**

I have my Pro card, but if they keep raising the prices, its not going to be doing me any good! LOL
Like it isn't marked up enough as it is... c'mon and give us addicts a BREAK!

That majorly SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! They just raised their blasted prices last year!
I guess from now on I will be a collections-only shopper..... If there are no new offerings, I am so not buying MAC. Besides, its not like I really NEED anything from them or any other mu line anyway. It'll take six lifetimes to use up the stuff that I already have.

Now the big question is, can I stick to that declaration of collection-only buying? I actually doubt it, but I'm sure as heck gonna try!!

yeah, it's like in jabuary and july when they raise the prices.

Originally Posted by Trisha Oh well, one thing in Stila's favour is we decreased our prices! x Really? HHHMMMM... may have to look into Stila items.