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MAC's new holiday line and consultation

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Jan 25, 2007
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I went to the MAC store today, thought it would be a good time to see their fall anique line of cosmetics. Well, being as I've been told a shimmery brown would be good I thought, cool. Problem was the gal seem to stick too close t the exact makeup used. I ended up looking very goth. ARgH. If it was halloween night I would have kept it on.

Fortunately she sensed I did not like it and took it all off. I ended up buying two tones of brown, neither one shimmery, but it was clean basic look. Something I don't have. I may buy a solid gold shimmer to put over it in the future. I also bought bought black mascara, she urged me get brown, but sorry I love the dramatic black.

Intersting thing about the MAC mascara applicator, the brushes are super stiff, like a garden rake. I dunno just seems cheap unlike the sephora mascara applicator.

I did spend close to 50 bucks, and wish I could have felt a bit stronger about my purchases.

One last question, I'm so drawn to bold colors and dark smokey eyes and It seems I just can't figure out what works for me. I've got fair complexion, am a guy with very blonde hair. Any suggestions?