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Apr 25, 2007
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I am looking for recommendation for a blush shade for a very pale neutral-olive skinned girl. I really liked Silk Naturals Climax, but it is a bit too shimmery for me (oily skin, I don't feel comfortable adding even more shine to my cheeks), so I was wondering if anybody knew of a blush of a similar shade but matte.


Fyrinnae's blushers are all quite matte. I think they have more of a glow than a shimmer.

I use maybelline matte blush. I love the shade called "cloud wine"

it's really pretty, almost burgundy. I think it would look good on an olive skin tone.

<-- is that about the right color? Bare Mineral Blushes Matte Colors
Thanks a lot! I will have to check out Fyrinnae and Bare Minerals for matte shades. The peach one Scooter showed looks about right, I think Climax is a little tiny bit more pinkish, but that looks quite close.

Shoegal, burgundy is quite an interesting color combination. I usually restrict my self to soft pinks, peaches and browns, as I fear my pale face won't be abe to pull off a more colorful blush, but it can't hurt to order a sample of a burgundy shade and see how it works.


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