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Jun 26, 2007
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This girl is just absolutely STUNNING.





I'm really sick of seeing her doing the over the shoulder look... but i like the dress.

I think she's pretty but not soo pretty when the camera's upclose..(if that even makes sense? if not, oh well)

Agree with puncturedskirt. Somehow the tattoo looks a little inappropriate. I love tattoos normally but hers looks a little.. hm..

i think she's beautiful but she looks "typical pretty" if that makes sense? she's not like "different" beautiful, which i think makes for a more attractive woman IMO. and her boyfriend is brian austin green. (cradle robber lol) can someone make sense of her tat? i cant figure out what the heck it means?

There is something about her face I really dont like, yet love. I love how she dosen't look all perfect and polished, now what I mean? Like she's actually a human being. Most famous people Ive seen look like they have a plastic face or sm.

the tattoo on her back is a shakespeare quote. pretty much it just means dont get too caught up in life because people will laugh at you.

i think she may be my new girl crush.

I agree about the tattoo; I like the saying and, generally speaking, I like the shoulder placement but it just doesn't work together. I want her eyebrows, though, and her earrings!

Beautiful face makeup and dress, the tats make her really look like a bad girl. and what does the tat on her back mean anyways??

Not bad, i like her face, makeup, earring, hair style, But what don't like are tattoo and shoes... Here in my opinion not match

Originally Posted by monniej /img/forum/go_quote.gif gorgeous! even her tats! i love it all, from head to toe! who is she? She was in Transformers
When I saw her in that movie I thought she was, well... a total fox. And then I read an article about her in a buddy's Maxim magazine and it turns out she's a badass to boot. The pictures from that article are really hot, too. I think I'm in love... LOL. She's only 21, that's crazy!