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Apr 9, 2007
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Hey guys, I'm gonna buy my cuz a kit of MMU that has the basics: foundation, blush, etc.. Can you guys name some companies that have some for around $20? That's all I can afford at the moment.. or can you recommend a company where I should just buy the products individually and get a considerable amount for around $20? So far I've looked at Smoky Mountain Minerals and SouthernMagnolia minerals' kits... they have some I want price range wise, but I havent read any reviews on them!

SouthernMagnolia - customer service issues - emailed twice a week apart and they never got back to me. Won't order from them again. I have to really love something to put up with poor customer service.

TKB trading is excellent Have received 2 orders from them really fast and good customer service. TKB Trading, LLC: Pigment, dye, mica and colorants for natural cosmetics and soap

Sweetscents :: Your Cosmetic Mineral Mica Resource good customer service

Coastal Scents: haven't ordered from them yet

Premium ingredients at less than premium prices... Lotioncrafter not sure what they carry for mmu, but good stuff and fast shipping

sweetscents has glo/veil/foundation 1 oz (weight) for under $6 each, you could buy a couple shades?

Tkb has generous samples (1 TBSP - haven't seen that elsewhere) I just bought their e/s kit for $19 plus shipping

Idk if you would consider Everyday Minerals? Their kits are a little above your $20 mark, but I really think you get a lot for your money in their kits. They do have a MINI kit,which if you are in the U.S., would total you to about $20, and includes 2 Foundations, 2 Blushes & Face Colors , 1 Concealer, and 1 Finishing Powder. They are in real nice cute looking 10 gram jars.

Lumiere has a starter kit for $28, which includes shipping. I know a little above your mark, but it is a great company and a good deal. You get 1 - 4gm/20 gm jars of Foundation, 1 - 4gm/20 gm jar of Finishing Powder , 1 - 4gm/20 gm jar of Blush or All Over Color, and 1 - 2 gm/10 gm jar of Eye Color. Or why not buy individual stuff from there? All her prices include shipping. Those 2 are my HG MMU companies, so that is all I can comfortably recommend in that price range. LOL. HTH!

You could try EDM, it's a bit more than 20 bucks, but it's pretty good
I had some issues with EDM at first but now I really like them
(Issues being wasn't too sure about the foundation

I've only experienced great customer service from Southern Magnolia but .....?

As far as the biggest bang for your buck with kits I would suggest looking to Everyday Minerals.