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Mother at Large!!

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Oct 22, 2003
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Huntington Beach, CA
Mother at Large!!

(sorry off the beauty topic)

Back In June, the director of MakeupTalk...Reija, had read an article in a local Orange County magazine that that a reader had sent in regarding SPANKING children when they don't eat. The periodical, www.ocfamily.com, is super popular here in Southern CA and is read by many. This letter really pissed her off. So she wrote a rebuttal to the letter and sent it into the publishers of OC family. They liked her rebuttal so much that they published it in the August edition. But unfortunately, the editors CHOPPED the article up. At anyrate, I wanted to show you how she felt. I'll try to located the article

Here is Reijas Original Comments:

I was reading the June OC Family magazine and got truly disturbed by a letter written by a father (John Franklin)of 4 kids regarding Child's Nutrition. He talks about spanking your child if he doesn't eat and then hugging the child and telling the child it's OK you are still loved. I can't help but feel truly sorry for the kids of this father who is showing his kids that he has NO OTHER WAY to deal with his kids AS a MATURE adult but spank them. I think it shows your own weakness as a parent if you have to spank your child to get your message across. I can't believe anybody would spank their kids let alone over food. Food is suppose to feed your body the nutrition it needs and it's suppose to be an enjoyable thing. As a parent you are teaching your child a lifelong way of eating and if your parenting consists of spanking your child when he doesn't want to eat his broccoli, I seriously doubt that he is going to eat that as an adult. As a parent you are suppose to set an example as to how to eat and treat your body right and what a good nutrition consists of. No wonder we have so much obesity in this country if kids are forced to eat more than their body is telling them to. Do you feel like eating broccoli every day as an adult? Probably not because there are days when you want to eat different foods than other days. It's been proven that children have the ability to consume the correct nutrition through out a week's period that gives them everything they need to grow provided that it's being given to them as an option to eat. And please note the period is a whole week not 24 hours. No child will ever be able nor is it even necessary to eat enough within 24 hour period to give the body everything it needs. My son has been at 95% percentile in the growth charts his whole life and he loves his vegetables and fruit and other healthy foods. Our son was raised to know what "good" and "bad" foods are. Our child knows that we don't eat unhealthy foods like anything that have hydrogenated oils in them. The only time he gets unhealthy foods (processed foods) is at school. We have never spanked him and never will. When he was a toddler he was even allowed to eat his desert at times first because we knew it would stimulate his appetite and he would eat his meal without "useless power struggle". Our son's pediatrician happens to be the top pediatrician in the country, Dr. William Sears (of www.askdrsears.com/), and thank god for him and his parental and nutritional guidance because without him a lot of kids would be way worse off than they are know. I can't help but think of the poor 4 kids mentioned in this letter who get spanked if they don't eat their meal. I can only imagine how they are going to feel about food as adults. No wonder a child doesn't want to eat if he or she is being raised knowing that spanking and food somehow go together. I ask all parents out there not to do this with your child. If you wish to spank your child and show your own weakness as a parent, that you can't control yourself nor your kids without hitting them, then that's one thing but at least don't do it over food/meal times. We have enough child obesity in this country and it's our responsibility as parents to stop/prevent it and spanking your child over food is not the way to do it if you are looking to raise your child to have a healthy attitude about his body, nutrition and eating.

Reija Eden

Director MakeupTalk.com

Huntington Beach, CA

Here is the article they published: