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Apr 23, 2006
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I love Monave. I got my full size Yolanda and Sharon. I didn't think I'd have to use as much Sharon but I did, then It was a little too muddy looking so I had to keep playing with the mixture. I ended up taking my little Toni sample pot and adding about 1/4 of it to the mix and now it is perfect. I also watched Thais's video on wet application and tried it last night. I put too much on my kabuki the first time then tried a small amount and was amazed how little you have to use when It's wet. Full coverage with one application. It's now 9 hours later and I've touched up with powder once. It still looks perfect. This stuff is amazing.

i glad you found something that you like


That's wonderful, Kelly!

Still waiting for my monave order.

Atm, I am loving illuminare's full coverage liquid/cream. Got their 9 pack sample but yet to try the other 2 , ultimate and fantastic finish.

I used my AN eye shadow samples today but haven't tested the foundation and the rest.

Isn't it exciting to finally find a HG? Great makeup can make us feel so much better all day!

kelly, have you tried Lumiere or AN before Monave?

i'm also in search of my HG mmu... i live in humidity (hot/humid climate), oily skin, acne-prone skin w/ lots of imperfections (dark pigmentation spots & very dark eye circles) to hide...

i've just received my Lumiere VV & AN full coverage samples, would love to know if Monave (regular or concealer formula) is superior than these two in terms of coverage, oil control & lasting power...

i'm really interested in how they compare?

thank you for sharing...

Lumiere made me itch when I got hot and all the AN samples were too light. I have a very oily T zone and I found that the wet application somehow worked better. I reapplied powder once. I was really impressed. I have some redness around my nose, extremely dark circles, large pores on my cheeks and the usual aging skin spots. My face was near flawless.

I just got Monave in Canela and I have to say Im thoroughly impressed. I look great under sunflight AND under flash photography! When I tried applying for the first time, my face was darker than my neck and chest...but then I realized how pigmented the color was and tried using very lil powder. Yeah...that did the trick. Hooray! <3

^ I'm a Canela too
Loooooove Monave. I'm thinking of getting Yolanda too. A little goes a very long way. So the foundie I have now might last me until next year.


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