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Dec 23, 2006
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I went to macys to the Mac counter to turn in all my depotted eyeshadows so I could get my 2 free lipsticks.One of the MA that was helping me started explaning to me that you don't have to buy the eyeshadow by itself and the depot it so you could get a free lipstick.What got me pissed off was that she was making all this stupid gestures with her face like it was stupid of me and other customers that do this and to make it worst another MA overheard our cnversation and she walks by and says tell me about it.And they both started laughning.I couldn't believe my what my ears just heard.I was in such a hurry plus my boyfriend was waiting for me in the I regret it so much I want to go back and do something about it.I can't even report them with their manager I don't know their names.I so mad.

go to the mac website under customer service and do a general store complaint.
Lame. AND they laughed only adding fuel to the fire.

Maybe if you go back and see them again - report them then and there?

I think we need an official ranting thread about this in the makeup forum...

"MAC b*tches" Haha, well a more nicer thread title than that - buy yeah know

I just came back from MAC too and I got no help from them again - not a, "may I help you" or "welcome". I didn't buy anything and decided to try online instead right now... it's like, I know they're helping other people too but SOME acknowledgment would be nice. I'm practically standing there holding items I want and left them in a pile since no one wanted to help me. Only time they speak is when they ask me if I'm ready or done. I swear, I see about 2 of them doing squat shit or talking to their buddies while I'm wandering around.

...I need to find me a nice MA I can go too.

That sucks! I'd definitely still call the counter to talk to the manager. If they were the only two MAs working, or you can at least describe them, the manager should still know who you're talking about.

Oh honey, go to the MAC website and report them, you dont need their names, they will know who worked today between whichever times, they WILL resolve the issue.

I find that the ones in counters are usually jerks. I like to go to the stores, less people and the MA's are more relaxed.

I agree, you can complain even though you do not know their names. Definitely go through MAC's website.

Put those b**ches in their place!

I can't understand why mac workers are like this.All I remember all the girls at that counter were latinas and had the same hair color with the same style of makeup.Im really going to report those chicks.

Originally Posted by emily_3383 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I find that the ones in counters are usually jerks. I like to go to the stores, less people and the MA's are more relaxed. ITA.
I've never had a problem with MAC SA but I always read others do... I wonder if there is a factor such as that (I only go to free standing stores).

You know the day and shift, that's enough
There werent 15 people at that counter, just 4 max. They will know

i agree, make a complaint one way or the other, wether it be a call, or an email. and like the others said, they can tell for sure who it was hth

I just reported their asses.I'm really upset about people walking up into their stores and buying their stuff and then we get treated this way.

I've never had a bad run in with a MA in any mac free standing store. However, I do have a problem with the ones working at the counters in Dpt stores...Not only are they not helpful, they don't really know what they're doing. I remember one MA tried to apply e/s on me cuz I wanted to see how it looked like. I could've done it myself but I thought maybe he'd do a better job...Boy was I wrong! lol, he didn't even blend the e/s in but half-assed it. I told him to take it off and he acted like he was insulted and said "this is the NEW look" New look my butt...unless I wanted to look like a drag or a clown! I always called ahead of time for a specific item I need, to see if it's in stock so I wouldn't waste my time going in there, and then when I ask them for it at the counter, they're like we don't have it. Wtf? Maybe you should check your drawers 1st before even saying "no" That was the LAST time I ever set foot into a MAC counter.

I always go to my local freestanding MAC store now since the MA's there know me by name (lol) and they're much nicer. Plus they don't care if I brought in like 42 empties. they never count 'em or check what I bought back since they take my word for it. lol

Sorry, you had a bad experience with them. Definitely go complain though. I know I would

Its good that you reported them.Too many people get away with being rude because they were never reported and held accountable for their actions.

Sorry about that! thats is good the you reported them. like blueangel I too have never had such a bad run in, but there were a few MA who always tried to get me to buy everything, test everything, like wouldn't even leave me alone and once when I was 16or 17 (and naive!) i let one MA do my makeup, needless to say she had no clue about makeup what so ever!

I'm not entirely sure what the MAs were laughing at?

but nevertheless, rude staff is unacceptable. I'm glad you reported them

i agree with Rosie, that's unacceptable. i wonder why they were laughing. i also agree the MA (well, as a general observation) seem to be more on edge than in stores. i've always been treated well at the Champs Elysées Sephora, but in dept stores, i sometimes wonder if it's just the commission that worries them.

There's been quite a few threads on here with RUDE Mac MA's. Celly you should start a thread. That's ridiculous though. I kind of have a temper though and if someone was laughing in my face i probably would've snapped at her. :|

It's good that you reported it though, Being rude to customers is definitely unacceptable.

Maybe you can tell the manager how they look like plus the date and time it happened. they should know who worked at this time?


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