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May 19, 2005
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My first attempt at posting a tutorial to help neutral lovers bring some color in their makeup looks. I hope to do more tutorials!

This first one is green! Green is practically a neutral. It looks great on everyone, all skin tones, all ages. It isn't attached to a particular makeup trend like 80's blue eyeshadow. So why aren't you already wearing greens!?

This is what I used. In the Hard Candy quad I used the color second from the right. That quad has been d/c, but I'm sure you neutral lovers can find a similar color in your collection.



1. Start of with your usual prep, prime, conceal, etc routine.

2. Use a gold highlight color, such as Urban Decay Blunt, all over your brow bone above the crease. Brush a tiny bit into the crease.

3. Sweep the green across your lids. I blended Sprout and Humid to get a medium green color.


4. Use the coppery brown color, like the one from my Hard Candy quad, in the crease and blend it in the outer third of your lid.


5. Use a neutral brown or black eyeliner to finish up the look, or if you're feeling adventurous use a green eyeliner! Apply your usual mascara.

6. Use a peachy blush and a pink lipstick or gloss. For more drama use a red lipstick shade.

Nice tutorial, thanks for posting!!

I really like Mac's Humid!!:icon_love

Good job!!
Thanks for sharing!!

I'm a neutral lover, but I already love greens. I think it's more blues that I really shy away from...

i'm new at experimenting with eyeshadows, but i really like the blend of the coppery color with the green...i think it is a nice transition into different colors for a neutral person like myself.

Great tutorial, Katy!
I need a good green and a blue e/s.

Your eyes are very pretty!

great tutorial, katy. I did a similar look a while ago (bronze on inner half, MAC Swimming on oute half of lid), and it was a nice in-between natural and colorful.

keep up the good work!!!

Nice tutorial! It's really great b/c I was just practicing with green and brown eye shadows!

great tutorial katy, you did a wondeful job with the greens, very natural but with it.

i never thought of using green as a neutral.. butt you've opened my horizons! i love it! :icon_love

Sorry, beyond pretty I think the tut post needs to be edit now since we don't allow HTML tags anymore to avoid security issues.

I'll ask supermods/mods help to edit the post.

Yay, thanks bunni!

Charm, thank you sweetie I was going to pm you about this thread hehe.