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Jan 14, 2007
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The new silk based foundations from Lumiere are up on the website! I'm getting my samples right now. So excited! She also added the new silk radiances and the pre-buy brushes! Are we going broke or what?

I too am interested in the Cashmere foundation. I sent a question to customer service. After that gets answered, I will place an order for the cashmere foundation. The ingredients don't look like they will irritate my sensitive skin (at least I hope not). I absolutely LOVED the VV formula but I think it was the culprit in my breakout. The FF is good but I liked the VV so much. I hope this cashmere is the alternative to it.

THanks for posting this. I checked out Lumiere's website as soon as I read your post.

Yes VV broke me out too
I got a full sized FF instead and so far so good but I want to try the new ones as soon as I test my silk powder enough to be sure it doesn't affect my skin lol.

I got a bunch of the pre-buy brushes though!

This cashmere foundation looks really tempting, but God how many foundations I can have

I just ordered the full size of cashmere in light golden. I'm hoping this is the last I will need. I always loved Lumiere but the VV was my favorite. I tried Meow and really like that as well. I'd love to have meow and Lumiere as alternates to use depending on the day. I get bored with the same thing all the time.

I'll put in a review and post once I've had a chance to use it.

Please do! I was going to get my samples but I'm going to wait till I test the silk powder.

Kim promised to give me a smaple with the brushes which are going to be replaced. I'm really excited about this foundation, hope I'll be able to try it soon

I just ordered my samples, I heard at lumiere's forum that the Cashmere and VV formulas are almost the same......... I'm using the FF formula right now, but I'm eager to try the Cashmere....

mary, i also ordered the full size light-medium cashmere foundation coz i loved Lumiere VV (wonderful coverage, but i think the oats gave me breakouts), while the luminesse simply didn't last on my oily skin & meow pampered puss didn't give me enough coverage... (i also ordered Monave regular & concealer-foundation samples)

Originally Posted by simplicity /img/forum/go_quote.gif mary, i also ordered the full size light-medium cashmere foundation coz i loved Lumiere VV (wonderful coverage, but i think the oats gave me breakouts), while the luminesse simply didn't last on my oily skin & meow pampered puss didn't give me enough coverage... (i also ordered Monave regular & concealer-foundation samples) simplicity,I was going to order samples but at the last minute decided to just try the full size. I had the same rationale as you...since I loved the VV so much, I should probably love this (especially if it doesn't cause the breakout). Here's hoping anyway... I agree about the luminesse. It just didn't stay on my face (I don't have extremely oily skin but it still wasn't enough).

I tried Monave and just couldn't find the right color. It has awesome staying power!

Good luck...I hope one or both work out for you. Update us when you've had a chance to try them. I will update once the Lumiere comes. I can't wait! I hope it works for me!

I got the Lumiere Cashmere today in the mail so I had to wash my face and re-do my makeup with Cashmere ( I just couldn't wait to try it!). So far, I really like it. Of course I will need more time to test it out but it feels great on my skin. I think it feels a little creamier than the other 3 formulas. I would say it is a cross between the VV and Luminesse. It has the great coverage and similar feel of VV and the "glow" of Luminesse. That's just my initial reaction. Like I said, I have to try it a bit longer to see how it goes. I've had my foundation on for 10 hours now and no issues whatsoever.

Here's hoping that this is a keeper!!! Anyone else receive their order? By the way, my order shipped and I received it in 2 days! Love that!

I'll update more later in the week. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed (the only thing that I want to make sure is that it doesn't cause any breakouts). Otherwise, a FABULOUS product.......

I hope that too. To this day I still am not sure if the silk breaks me out or not. I mean what I'm noticing is clogged pores, this little bumps all over, not really zits. I'm not sure what ingredient is causing it.

Great that you're liking it so far!

Ok here's my review:

I think it's alot like VV formula if you have used that before as far as coverage, As far as colors, for some reason I think it runs a little darker than FF and VV though. I'm a Medium Beige in FF and VV and I ordered both Medium Beige and Light Medium Beige in Cashmere and had to mix because the Medium Beige was darker. The coverage is like VV's but if feels great on my skin. Less drying. All in all I don't have any spectacular thing to say about it, Kim made that formula because of the people that liked the coverage of the VV and where not able to use it because of the oat. I've only used it with the flat top application, so I I'm going to try to use the flocked sponge tomorrow and see if the coverage will change, I would prefer a little more coverage.

I'm definetely going to order small travel sizes of medium beige and light medium beige. I really like it.

I got some samples of this a while ago, and I really like it. It's very similar to the Veena Velvet in coverage, but feels much less drying as someone else already mentioned. It has a really light and fluffy texture and goes on smoothly, almost kind of creamy. I'd have to say it's working better for me than any of the other Lumiere foundations [and I've tried them all]. It doesn't make my face itchy like several other brands I've used. I got 2 samples of it and I've just finished the first one... hopefully by the time I'm done the second one I'll be able to decide if I like it enough to go full size

Ok I got the samples from Kim. I waited till the weekend to try.I was not expecting a lot but after first and one application I can say I'm in love. The oil control could be a bit better, but still it has great staying power, no chalky effect. Wonderful glow on the skin, stays in right place for a whole day.

I'm going to use all the samples and see if this is working for me, but if yes I'll certainly add one jar of the lumiere to my Meow tubes.

and btw. I was really surprised to get 4 samples instead of one to try. Kim if you are reading that - thank you very much. I hope this foundation will keep working for me, while I love this glowy look on the face, with cashmere foundation.