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Aug 15, 2007
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Man i havnt checked up on this thread in a while, theres sooooo much new stuff going on lol. Nury i just wanted to tell you, those Wallpapers are amazing, especially the Vector ones.

So i've been playing around trying to better myself in photo retouching. Ive noticed alot of photos that are retouched come out with this Gaussion Blur looking skin. Well just very fake blurred unreal unprofessional look skin, so ive been trying to practice other techniques. Some still look pretty fake though sadly.

Anyway ive doen alil more work. Heres some photos for you guys:

All photos are Before and after.

Something a little Playful:



Blonde Retouch:



Model Retouch:



Model Retouch 2:




Shoe add:



Enjoy you guys.

Love you all...foreal lol. I do!

Blurring is a overused and abused technique by a lot of re-touchers. The fact is blurring is destructive to the image, it destroys detail. If you’re working with a poor quality image, or do not have a lot of time blurring can be helpful to a degree but better results can be had with techniques that take far more time to do.

Practice solid techniques and ask for a lot of critiquing from friends or others that are experienced with re-touching.

There is nothing worse then having to work on an image that was previously re-touched by someone (many times by the photographer) who had no clue what they were doing lol.

great retouches! the last one totally looks like a profresional add!

if you use Photoshop CS there is a cool option

Filters_noise_reduce noise

what it does is reduce the noise on the skin but keeping the sharpness of the image also another trick i use is after using this reduce noise option i duplicate, color select the skin and erase the rest then i go to Filter_Artistic_Paintdubs put it at one and it gives the skin texture without it looking false

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