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November Check-In

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Dec 12, 2005
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I always love these threads.

For me November will be busy.

I just came back from business trip form Belgrade (Serbia) on the 1st; and on Monday I'm going to Maribor (a city in Slovenia) to set up another store. From then on, I'll be spending a day or two in Maribor each week.

Then I'll be, hopefully, meeting a girl I met online. She moved from US to Slovenia and she loves to sew. That should help me set back on track with my sewing.

I'm planing on starting gym after I come back from my trip. I really need to tone up my lower body more.

I also need to transfer my bank account to another bank. I hate my current one.

I'm hoping I'll get to see my new sweetie (well, we're not officially a couple; I just like to refer to him this way) more than once a week.

Then this month I'll be getting my new bigger pay-check for the first time and I'll treat myself to something nice - probably a nice expensive watch.

What will your November be like?