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NYX Lipsticks and Liners

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Mar 29, 2007
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cant believe how fast my order came in!

anyhoo- here it is

left-right, then top-bottom

Medusa, Champagne, Black Cherry, Chaos, Hades


plush red, pinky, cabaret, coffee, mauve




edit update on my opinion on them all:

these lipsticks have a great glide. they are very smooth, and feel like a balm, but the color payoff is amazing. they are exactly my texture in lipsticks, not thick and ultra matte like most MAC lippies are, and not at all frosty... they have just a hint of shimmer, so that they attract light well, you can tell in the pictures, a very emollient rich feel, but not slick.

the pencils are exactly perfect as well! very smooth. i hate when you have to push into your lips to get color, and even more, i hate when they sort of leave that crayon-like debris (you all know what i am talking about)- these pencils do not do that at all. the color glides on well. the only color that did not come out as i had hoped was the Pinky. i was hoping for a bright fuschia, this is more of a neon pink. but it is still wearable, at least for me.

so final opinion:

thumbs up! it is all together possible that i will end up buying the entire Round Lipstick collection at cherry culture, and probably all the lipliners as well too. the packaging is absolutely adorable, the colors are beautiful, and i am in love.

(i bought the lips at .99 each and the lipliners at buy one get one free at .99, so .50/each.)

totally an NYX fan through and through for sure....