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Petticoat MSF Dupe

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Apr 27, 2006
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Hi everyone, i know that msf's are hard to comeby sometimes, especially when they're dc'd. So i found this on spektra.And i figured maybe we could all post the recipies

im going to post the pics the user posted as soon as my account gets activated



You need:

- either MAC Cranberry or Plum Dressing for the burgundy base (the dark vains)

- MAC Pigments in Vanilla, Pink Opal and Pink Bronze

* she scraped abit of em amd mixed them together

Sorry if it's the wrong place to post. I was just reading that some people wanted Petticoat to be perm

I can post pics tomorrow if you want (cam is being charged) but the flash washes the pink glow out... try it for yourself if you really like Petticoat, the mix looks the same as the MSF

The only thing I noticed that was different is that the original Petticoat MSF is not as glowy as the mix, you might wanna dilute the mix with blot powder if you really want it like the MSF