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Jun 1, 2007
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These turned out great I think..... My wife and i went for a day trip into Westmoreland County PA... Had a great time... All the cows under the bridge was a hoot....






Ok what are the cows doing....just hangin' in the shade? Great pics, though.

We were kind of going cross country on a road called "Possum Hollow Road"... lol And came around the bend and there were these cows all standing under the bridge... No clue why but it was a riot... I finally figured out how to do close up's with my Sony Cybershot.... So everything was fair game...

Took a 5 mile walk on the "Coke and Coal" rails to trails path in Mt Pleasant and ate lunch at an old Railroad Station Hotel.... Found this county park in Mamouth.. Really nice park and they were supposed to have a battery of old beehive coke ovens and some "Larry" cars.. But couldn't find them.. Park was neat all the same and the had a landing strip for those RC planes.. Some of them hat 6 foot wing spans.. Just had a great day...


Originally Posted by magosienne /img/forum/go_quote.gif those are great pics ! i love that butterfly ! Its a monarch butterfly... We saw a lot of them in the park and later when I was looking for the coke ovens I figured out why... A hugh field of milkweed plants... Monarch's can't live without milkweed plants and milkweed plants are highly suseptable to ground level ozone.. Polution.. So when the milkweed dies so do the Monarch butterflies..
in this area at least they are coming back..


Very pretty photos Karen. I love the cows under the bridge, lol. The Monarch butterfly is pretty.
Amazing that Monarchs migrate from Canada and the USA all the way down to central, southern Mexico every year to the same location. Long flight!

Yeah!!! When we lived in WV, we were on the migration path and in the spring thousands upon thousands would fly by the house... And it takes like 3 generations to complete one migration cycle.... I remember a few years ago they had a deep freeze in Mexico and it killed millions of Monarch's....



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