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Poor puppy, sad post, sensitive dog lovers be wary

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Apr 27, 2006
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ok, so this pains me to ask but i have to because i'm so upset about it. My friends stepmom has had her dog (shes a bichon frisee) for 16 years, so maybe puppy isnt the right word to describe her. Anyways within the past few years, she has been sent to all kinds of vets and whatnot for various ailments, some painful like a broken leg, some not painful but bothersome, like cateracts. To a certain point, it only makes sense to help your dog the way you help a person. But it has gone too far and dogs, unlike people we can choose to put out of their misery. The poor dog now has one eye that is completly red because of broken capillaries (think terminator) she limps, she is almost blind, she apparently can only see shadows and she must wear a diaper. She sleeps all day gets lost on the way to find her water, which you have to put in front of her half the time and seems just so miserable.

im so upset that her stepmom is keeping her around and uncomfortable because she will miss her dog. That poor dog...i cant explain to you how sad it makes me, i almost cried.

am i over reacting? or should this dog finnally be given a break?

its not really advice, but im upset!