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Jan 14, 2007
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Ok probably not many fellow MUTers are going to know what the hell I'm talking about but I'm too excited and wanted to share.

On August 20 I took the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and well I was really hoping for a 30, which is a superb grade where I live. When I finished the test (Five hours long!!
) I left feeling as I had guessed a lot and thought I was going to get a lower grade than what I really worked for. Last Wednesday I was supposed to get my grade online and I checked and checked and checked and it kept saying "You have no scores yet." Every time I clicked the login button I was so nervous and had to prepare myself and it wasn't there. About at 7:00 pm I decide to check again just for the sake of checking since I knew they were not going to be put up so late. I click without interest and I don't even think about it, they weren't going to be there. Next thing I know a chart slaps me in the face hahaha. I close my eyes to a slit so I can't see the numbers and open another window. I start running like a freak in my room and called my bf screaming the score was there and I didn't wanna see it hahaha. He told me the day before he dreamed I got a 28 which is very good, I didn't think I was going to get a 28 but he wanted to know if he was psychic and wanted me to stop screaming and check already! I run a bit more and then prepare emotionally to look hahaha. The grade is divided in three parts and then there's a letter grade for the essays. I just covered everything with my hand and started revealing from left to right, each score was pretty good but I was still nervous I hadn't seen all of them. I take off my hand and I got a 30 R!!!! I literally started to cry and cry and cry. I went to the living room crying like mad to tell my parents haha my mom though there was something wrong. They were just too happy and me too. I still can't believe I got it! S Btw the essay grades go from J to T, T is the best and I got an R!

Soo happy, wanted to share! Four months of studying nonstop were worth it! It's also the first time I've ever cried of happiness.

Btw, the score is pretty average in the US, but here it's not. English is not even our first language so that's a barrier itself.

Thanks Zoey!!!

Thank you girl!! I wish I didn't have a test on Thursday so I could party this weekend haha but oh well... I'm very happy!

30 is the average by state on the charts, but for Puerto Rico is much lower. I guess it has to do with the language, I know very smart people who have problems with English and don't do well on this tests because of that. Mine is pretty good, but still sometimes you don't understand some things and it takes away from what you know. Plus you have to know all the terms in English and Spanish as some professors give the class in English, some in Spanish and the books are in English. All in all I'm very happy about the grade.

Congrats, Lady.

Well deserved! Now it's time to paaaarty!

ahora tiempo de ser boracha

COngratulations! Because of this, I am sure many more great things will fall into place

im so happy for you thats incredible! and wow you know how to write a story i was on the edge of my seat waiting to knw what you got! lol congrats again and yay!

and wow you know how to write a story i was on the edge of my seat waiting to knw what you got! mee tooo!!!!
That is so awesome!!!!!!!! Congrats and keep it up! It WILL pay off in the end!


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