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Nov 6, 2005
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Since yesterday my laptop has been making noises and I suspect it to be the fan. It has never made that noise before. I've had it now for 7 months or so.

I have no clue what caused it and I've read that it's more than one possibility on why I can hear the noise.

I just know that the only thing different I did the other day was clean up disk space so the laptop can run smoothly. Like temporary internet files and pictures. Then I shut it down and left it alone for the day - yesterday it started with the noise. Ugh.

Anyone know what makes the fan noise and why?

...there's a local computer shop and I'm considering taking it there. I just hate thinking that they're going thru my files and stuff. Haha. Because I've taken my desktop computer 2 times early this year because it crashed on me and when getting it back I get like smirky smiles and stuff. Maybe that's me being paranoid haha...

Suggestions, anyone had the same problem. Help? Thanks.

Yep, agree with Tony. When my comp made noises (the two I went through), it was the fan.

I'll try right now...

... I asked a friend right now and he said it might be overheating. :S

Thanks, tony - I'll try to record the noise right now.

My deskop is doing the same thing and I actually got a message on the screen about the fan.....uugghhh.

I had problems with my fan last time and it turned out that it originally started out with the motherboard. The motherboard when caput.

Tony, this is off topic kinda but do you know anything about laptops? I want to get a new one but I want the best one for playing games. I only play the sims 2 but ive noticed laptops arent really that great for even that.

And Celly, when that happened to mine it was overheating. It still gets super hot cause I think my fan is broken..

Okay - here's the noise... hopefully you can hear it thru the static sound.

Funny thing is that it doesn't feel hot - is it suppose too when "overheating"?

Either way - if it is overheating and I end up having to buy a cooling pad. I'm taking it to the shop, even if this is minor problem. I ain't risking it. You think they can add more RAM and disk space to laptops?

...I'm so backing up my files tonight.

I would just take it in and have them look at it.

My brothers laptop was doing the same thing and it was his fan. His was also overheating and kept shutting down, but they just cleaned it and that was it.

If am not mistaken, the fan runs sometimes when you have alot of cpu usage going on or if your commit charge is high. My fan runs all while I am playing maple story, cause the amount of memory needed to run it is high I assume? But as soon as i exit out, the fan goes off so yeah, it may have something to do with your processes

Only thing I have open usually is Mozilla internet and iTunes.

Right now only MUT is open - noting else.

I never like having more than 2 different programs on at the same time.

...I ran every program now to fix my computer. My computer is running faster now and says no problem is wrong but the fan noise is still there.

if you hit ctrl alt delete, under the processes tab, that is all of what is running, not just the ones you mentioned (or maybe it is just mine)

Just says Mozilla is the only one using most power currently - besides my desktop.

Thanks for the help, guys...

My computer does that too. My brother says it something called over-clocking. But I don't think he even knows

What operating system are you using? You may want to check the manufacturer's website and see if they have a support forum. Perhaps there is an issue with a fan or something.

Originally Posted by CellyCell /img/forum/go_quote.gif Operating system? Windows XP or Vista or Windows 2000?
Oh, I have Vista. I'm such a dunce with computer terms.


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