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Question About Laptops

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Nov 6, 2005
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Since yesterday my laptop has been making noises and I suspect it to be the fan. It has never made that noise before. I've had it now for 7 months or so.

I have no clue what caused it and I've read that it's more than one possibility on why I can hear the noise.

I just know that the only thing different I did the other day was clean up disk space so the laptop can run smoothly. Like temporary internet files and pictures. Then I shut it down and left it alone for the day - yesterday it started with the noise. Ugh.

Anyone know what makes the fan noise and why?

...there's a local computer shop and I'm considering taking it there. I just hate thinking that they're going thru my files and stuff. Haha. Because I've taken my desktop computer 2 times early this year because it crashed on me and when getting it back I get like smirky smiles and stuff. Maybe that's me being paranoid haha...

Suggestions, anyone had the same problem. Help? Thanks.