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Mar 13, 2006
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I like wearing red but I don't know what color eyeshadow, blush or lipgloss color looks best. What colors do you girls usually wear when you wear red clothing?

red is MY COLOR!!! i love doing a dark charcoal smoky eye with a bronze base for eyes. and a sheer bronze lippie. red looks so good with warm metallics, i usually keep in that theme.

Gold bronzey eyshadows look really nice. A sultry smokey eye also works beautifully most of the time.

What about blush colors? I am always so unsure if I should go pink, neutral, or bronze?

If I wear red I usually go with a peachy or apricot type color. Or just a very light dusting of bronzer in the place of blush.

i forego blush most of the time when wearing red and use a deeper bronzer.

I think that blush and lip color looks best natural/bronze. As for e/s, I agree with smokey looks, natural, or brown tones.

Do you ever wear red lips with red shirts? its always my dillema,i usually go pretty neutral brownish on my eyes and peachy or bronzey blush,but lips drive me nuts,lol. I love red lips,but i only wear them with black or dark brown shirts. And since i love wearing red shirts and also red lips,i have a huge dillema which o ne to choose,lol

i agree, smokey eye and nude lips are nice...i love doing red lips with red tops might be a lil matchey but i think its cute

I usually go with neutrals- bronze/brown colors with a light brown gloss, or a lighter smokey eye and nude lips. I've never used red lips at all, red clothing or not. I just don't know how to do it right and pull it off!

I agree with the brown, grey, and black suggestions above but I also like silver metallic eyes or shimmery purple eyes...sometimes I'll even do baby pinks with a blood red top.

When wearing red, I consider it a strong color by itself so I'll do very neutral make-up. I might do a smokey eye with bronze or gold eyeshadows, with a nude or clear lipgloss.

If i am wearing a bright top, red or otherwise, or if the print is loud i go with a neutral pallette...


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