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Oct 11, 2006
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How many girls use Rimmel cosmetics? I have never used it. I just bought the eyeshadows, and the Twist and Shine lip polish. I'm gonna try it and see if it stays on.

Anyone recommend something from them? Eyeliner? I see Kate Moss does the ads. The company seems foreign, from like England?

I absolutely love their eyeliners, especially their kohl ones. I also really like eastend snob lipliner. Shaundra mentioned that color, so I got it, and it's such a great shade.

I was just about to say, I really like their Eastend Snob lipliner! lol. Some of their glosses are nice, too.

Well I have a lip liner which I like, but I didn't like the eyeshadows. I've read the mascaras are really good too.

I've tried some of their things didn't like it. Creme shadow, glitter mascara. some color eyeshadow pencils, those were alright.

I have one lipstick by that brand. While I love the color (very sexy), the quality leaves alot to be desired. I wrote a detailed review about it.

I would check the reviews also to get a broader sense of what people's experience with Rimmel tends to be.

They have good lipglosses and mascaras. The products are made in England.

I've tried a foundation and eyeshadows. I liked the foundation, but I did not like the eyeshadows at all, I didn't think they had any color payout.

I like their mascara Extra Super Lash. It's my everyday mascara. I haven't tried anything else from them yet. They had some really pretty glosses though.

I wanted to try their e/s too, so I bought one a couple months ago and I didn't have a very good experience with it. I had to literally go over the color so many times I made a little "hole" in it just for the color to show. This was one of the duos; I don't know how the other e/s or liquid e/s are.

As for their eyeliners, I LOVE THEM!!! They are super cheap, and the eye kohls are oh-so-soft! They also have them in a lot of fun colors like light blue, green, dark green, purple, and of course brown and black. I also use their eyebrow pencils-- they last forever!!!

I also tried their plumping lipglosses, they're very smooth and they actually make my lips more pouty and full. There's a tingling sensation, but not to worry, it goes away and it just means the product is working. No weird scents or tastes, which is also good in my book.

i love their kohl eyeliner pencils too. it goes on smoothly and it's super cheap, around $2.99 i believe.

Originally Posted by La_Mari /img/forum/go_quote.gif I like their mascara Extra Super Lash. It's my everyday mascara. I haven't tried anything else from them yet. They had some really pretty glosses though. Extra Super Lash is my everyday lenghtening mascara as well. No mascara has lenghtened my lashes like this one! Love it!
I use their lipliners and vinyl stars lipgloss, I love both, but I dont really love anything else they have.

they're a pretty good brand. And yes their cosmetics are made in England. In fact they are actually cheaper in the USA which is really weird. Anyway! I've heard great things about their extra super lash mascara and about their eyeliners and eyebrow pencils. Hey, if something works why pay extra for something department store. Hope you find something that works for you
i would avoid the eyeshadows though they don't really have much pigment to them just like every drugstore shadow i've tried. If you wanted a good drugstore eyeshadow try the Boots Number 7 range at Target. Great products